The horse wisperer of Monteverde


Horses. Who doesn’t like them?
I have been adoring these creatures since I was five years old and I still do today. That is why I got really excited when I found a fantastic horse riding company in Monteverde during my stay in this truly magical area.

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Hostel review Mar e Iguana in Panama


I arrived at Mar e Iguana hostel not knowing what to expect. Maybe a couple of Rastafarian people hanging at the bar or maybe some Iguanas making this place feel like home once I arrive? However, when I saw the website I knew it was going to be a very relaxed place close to the beach, but I did not know it would be so cool as it actually really was! more!

The cave with the mysterious blue lake in Bonito

It's hidden in the forest...

What is hidden over there in the forest?

What could it be, that dark place in the middle of the forest? It seems to be a cave, but it is not just a simple cave. It is the cave of Bonito with a spectacular blue lake. An optical illusion due to the reflection of the sunlight with fossils from the ice age hidden inside and lots of stalactites and stalagmites. I went to see this unique Brazilian treasure with my own blue eyes.

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Flying from tree to tree with the original canopy


When you go to Monteverde you will find yourself surrounded by the cloud forest. Meaning that there are many, many trees and that it might be a bit misty. more!