Big hotels in Malta

During my stay in Malta a few weeks ago I was invited at the Corinthia and AX hotels. I want to share my opinion on the big hotels in Malta with you so that it might get easier to choose one for your stay at this Mediterranean island.

I saw a lot of boutique hotels and resorts. Big hotels are normally simply too huge for me and staff treats you everyday as if you just arrived, again… so, it takes a good one to convince me that a big hotel can be nice.

Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay – Marina Hotel Beach Resort

But fortunately these hotels did not give me the feeling to take off after breakfast and search for a beach. They gave me the feeling as if I was walking in a little town with a really luxurious villa and I could walk to the kind neighbor villa within 5 minutes. I am not sure if I am making sense to you right now, but for me this is very positive! A hotel that gives me the feeling like home. Thank you David for showing me this pearl of Malta.

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