Do we, the new generation, refuse to grow up?

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When will the new generation settle down

Every once in a while people ask me and my boyfriend when we will settle down. Once we do settle down, they will ask us when we will get married and after that, when we will have kids. The big questions always remains:

Where are you going to settle down then?”

We never have an answer. Not when or where. At least not yet.

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Living a nomadic lifestyle


Life as a nomad

A nomadic lifestyle gives you a lot, but just as in relationships it’s about giving and taking. Traveling for weeks, months or for a lifetime isn’t only about relaxing on tropical beaches with an ice cold beer in your hand. It might seem like paradise to some of us, but it will mean a frustrating life to others. Here are some of the characteristics of a nomadic lifestyle. more!

Health hacks for how to stay healthy while traveling

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Yoga on my balcony in Greece πŸ™‚

How to live a healthy lifestyle while you’re on the go

Living life road tripping, backpacking or even working abroad can be full of fun and adventure, but it often lets you think of excuses to forget about healthy habits. My nomadic lifestyle is one with irregular working hours and it is important, yet difficult, to stay focused on health. A few weeks ago I got in touch with a company called Cotopaxi, who created an infographic with several health hacks. To promote overall health and wellness I also wrote a few of my own health hacks. more!

A Travelers Puzzle of Love


While the snowflakes come down…

Today I woke up in a warm bed. Outside the temperatures are -10 CΒΊ and the mountain scenery is quite different compared to where I come from. Hiking up a hill is something that exhausts me because I grew up with low and flat lands. I don’t mind going down hill though, especially when there is enough snow and I can use a snowboard to do so. Staying in the Italian Dolomites lets me discover more about myself. About why the Netherlands isn’t really my thing the whole year through since right now I can be in surroundings with extreme nature. Huge mountains, snowy peaks, frozen waterfalls and lakes, curvy roads and wild foxes that take my breath away as they appear so suddenly. more!

Best birthday gift ever


When I was a small kid I used to be always very nervous the days before my birthday. A month before the party date I would start making a wishlist and I’d hang it on the refrigerator, asking for a horse, a trip to anywhere and some drawing material.

It was also always fun selecting a certain outfit for your birthday. I remember my mom and I finding the perfect excuse for some shopping right before our birthdays.

In the Netherlands we celebrate a birthday with family in the afternoon having coffee and cake, while you all sit in a circle in the living-room or in the garden. After that your friends come and so does the wine and the beers.

The last eight years it wasn’t like that anymore. I was either traveling and spent my birthday with local people abroad or I went back home and made a party with friends and some family in the evening.

I never lost that nervous feeling though. more!

Hey you, what’s for breakfast?


A healthy early morning breakfast can give you energy and even while a lot of people rush out the door in the morning without having anything to eat, know that skipping breakfast can make you more hungry during the rest of the day.

Personally, I cannot start the day without eating any food. If I don’t have any breakfast I will collapse after walking a bit or standing up too long. You can imagine that when I’m traveling I always have to carry some energy bars with me. Just in case I can’t find any breakfast.

I have also always been a big eater and even while every single person always asks me how I can eat this much and still remain in good shape I believe the answer is very simple: breakfast. more!

Moving like a minimalist

Walking on the streets of Nicaragua - Photo by Debby van Boxtel

Walking on the streets of Nicaragua – Photo by Debby van Boxtel

It’s time to move. Whether it’s from a birthplace to a new city or needing to cross borders to an entirely new country, it’s something that can have a big impact on our lives. Today It’s time for me to make some decisions regarding moving and while I thought I was already living like a minimalist, I got totally surprised. more!

Life here is one big camping [VIDEO]


I’ve been so busy with my outdoors wintery lifestyle in the Italian Dolomites that I haven’t spent a lot of time on writing… Here most of work and free time all happens outdoors. And the big part that still is indoors is called AprΓ¨s-ski…

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Traveling solo from the heart


What has gotten into me? A young woman with butterflies in her stomach traveling the world on her own. Sounds like something with way too many risks, right? However, I decided to do it, because I wanted to. I was only 22 years old and ready for a challenge. more!

Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)

I’m traveling by myself and I haven’t been asking strangers on the beach to do me a favor and put some sunscreen on my back. So… I’ve just got a big sunburn on my back and the Brazilian strangers who I’ve now started asking to rub my back with sunscreen told me about the Brazilian sunscreen advise from Pedro Bial (originally from Mary Schmich).

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