When experiences come to end, it makes space for new adventures

puravida-costa rica-puerto viejo-that wanderlust-renate

A disquiet feeling goes from my teeth down into my toes when I realize that it’s time to leave. It’s time for a trip – a new destination – and that means I will have to say goodbye once again. The house that became my home, our home, has to be cleaned and things need to be packed. Goodbye diners and drinks with the people we’ve met turn into a full agenda filler. People that became close friends in such a short time. Whether I’m staying somewhere for two week or for six months, it doesn’t really matter. Saying goodbye doesn’t get any easier, even though it’s not a farewell forever. The place where I have found my rhythm – a way to fit with the local style – now has to wait for my return.

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Disappointment and sandy days


Just another day in paradise, or so it seems. We have been spending the last weeks or even months in Mexico’s dazzling city of Playa del Carmen. Basically relaxing and just waiting for our IDC (PADI’s Instructor Development Course) to start. Yesterday we got some bad news though and now it seems we might need to leave the pretty Yucatan Peninsula.
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Eat, Sleep, Beach, Repeat – our daily lives.


Starting the day…

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning when the sun rays caress the bedroom window. Time to wake up as I jump out of the bed while trying not to wake up Mr. Viking. In the kitchen I browse for a cooking pot and start heating up enough water for two cups of coffee – or maybe I’ll take some green tea today, we’ll see. If I find a yoga-mat near me I will do some morning yoga, but doing exercises while being “on the road” still challenges me. The fan is on and at the same time so is the air conditioner. It’s starting to annoy me so I turn the air conditioner off. A loud ‘Kalimera’ (Greek for good morning, just to pick a nice foreign language) is coming out of the bedroom while I just walked back to the kitchen and our day has officially began.
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Wreck diving in Isla Mujeres with Sharks

islamujeres-isla mujeres-travel-mexico-love-backpack-blog-wanderlustIsla Mujeres, Mexico

Diving in Isla Mujeres

The last few weeks have been intense while also super relaxed. About two months ago mr. Viking and I set foot on Mexican soil again after having been working our asses off for 6 months in Greece. Now we haven’t quite been sitting still over here either, but without to much pressure. This winter we started our Mexico travels in Playa del Carmen, where we currently are as well. We had however never though of ending up here again after two months, but the island hopping we have been doing in the meanwhile pretty much led us back here. Now before I start telling you what we are doing here in PDC I’d love to tell you what happened from the beginning.
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[Journal] A few days in Paradise at Kuna Yala


I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to go there. Being there meant that I could finally understand the lyrics of an old Dutch children’s song from “kinderen voor kinderen” called op een onbewoond eiland. They sing about life on a uninhabited island and it’s one of my favorites kids songs. Now a dream was coming true.
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A visual journal of winter in Italy

another snowy river in canazei

It has been 1,5 month now that I’ve been living again in Italy for the winter season and last week it finally started to snow. Having all those pretty mountains around makes me want to take out my camera and take a hike when you won’t go snowboarding. This is the result of an afternoon stroll with my camera through the beautiful Albi di Canazei in the Italian Dolomites.
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Positive awareness [Mindset]


Picture by Thom Mattsson

Today I woke up, had my breakfast with my boyfriend and in the afternoon we decided we’d go snowboarding. We’re living in the Dolomites for the season, so we might as well make use of the fact that we’re living in the mountains. However, as two days ago my feeling on the slopes was absolutely shitty I got worried about today’s snowboarding session.
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A Travelers Puzzle of Love


While the snowflakes come down…

Today I woke up in a warm bed. Outside the temperatures are -10 CΒΊ and the mountain scenery is quite different compared to where I come from. Hiking up a hill is something that exhausts me because I grew up with low and flat lands. I don’t mind going down hill though, especially when there is enough snow and I can use a snowboard to do so. Staying in the Italian Dolomites lets me discover more about myself. About why the Netherlands isn’t really my thing the whole year through since right now I can be in surroundings with extreme nature. Huge mountains, snowy peaks, frozen waterfalls and lakes, curvy roads and wild foxes that take my breath away as they appear so suddenly.
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A Mexican journal of bubbles


Huatulco, Mexico – December 4, 2015

The bubbels, de bubbels, las burbujas – I’m getting confused about in which language I’m supposed to think when I want to put my thoughts on paper. If I’d known the word for a bubble in Swedish than that would mean I could get confused about a fourth language by now. I’m head over heels in love with my Swedish viking with who I speak English, even while now we are in Mexico and I speak Spanish with everyone beside him.
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Best birthday gift ever


When I was a small kid I used to be always very nervous the days before my birthday. A month before the party date I would start making a wishlist and I’d hang it on the refrigerator, asking for a horse, a trip to anywhere and some drawing material.

It was also always fun selecting a certain outfit for your birthday. I remember my mom and I finding the perfect excuse for some shopping right before our birthdays.

In the Netherlands we celebrate a birthday with family in the afternoon having coffee and cake, while you all sit in a circle in the living-room or in the garden. After that your friends come and so does the wine and the beers.

The last eight years it wasn’t like that anymore. I was either traveling and spent my birthday with local people abroad or I went back home and made a party with friends and some family in the evening.

I never lost that nervous feeling though.
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Road trip down South for one single picture


I’m driving from Pigadia to the South of the island. There is a supermarket on my right where a man is standing still with his van. He is making a phone call and wants to continue his voyage without noticing that I’m passing by. He almost hits me, but I can still safely drive passed him. Then I see a gas station on my left, full with cars, and another one on my right. The second one is closed. It has actually always been closed and we have only three gas stations on the island, which could have been four. Still, nowadays the closed gas station looks more like a parking spot. There’s a boat parked next to the pump and a white car with a black painted rooftop. I see a sign with the word Amoopi. Here’s the first exit from the main road to get to the beach of Amoopi and the red Toyota across the exit always reminds me of it. However, today I’m not going to Amoopi. I’m driving just a little bit further.
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Welcome to the island: Karpathos


Apella – the prettiest beach of Karpathos!

A pit stop in Rhodes and an early morning flight brings me to its neighbor island. I’m going to spend the next 6 months at this new destination. A place and actually a country I’ve never been before. Ever heard of the Greek island Karpathos? It’s located inΒ Dhodhekanisos – a group of islands in the southeast Aegean Sea. You could pretty much say that I am immigrating to this Greek piece of heaven for at least half a year and it’s thanks to my job as a guide. The impressive rough beaches, the blue and white houses everywhere, oh my god the food(!), the new language and culture. It’s all pretty much appealing to me. Even while I’ve never ever been to Greece, I know I’ll have a good time.


What a view!

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Moving like a minimalist

Walking on the streets of Nicaragua - Photo by Debby van Boxtel

Walking on the streets of Nicaragua – Photo by Debby van Boxtel

It’s time to move. Whether it’s from a birthplace to a new city or needing to cross borders to an entirely new country, it’s something that can have a big impact on our lives. Today It’s time for me to make some decisions regarding moving and while I thought I was already living like a minimalist, I got totally surprised.
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An adventurous heart and the right choices


Which temple should I explore next? – Palenque, Mexico

Stressing out over choices – it happens more than you’d think. However, I’m not stressing out over my past nor future choices. Even if I didn’t decide yet about my current possibilities.

It should only be a matter between the good choice and the even better choice.”
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