Bem-Vindo ao Brasil!


Cristiana & Gabriela

About a year ago I met Gabriela, a cheerful Brazilian young lady, who always tries to show people the best of her country with the passion she has. Together with Cristiana she recently started a language center called Bem-Vindo to teach Dutch-speaking people the beautiful Brazilian Portuguese Language. Since I love the fact that two dedicated Brazilian women started building their dream I felt like sharing it with you through an interview. more!

ÖTILLÖ – Racing from island to island


ÖTILLÖ is a Swimrun in Sweden and according to CNN it is ranked as one of the toughest endurance races in the world! Teams of two persons swim and run 75 kilometers within the surroundings of 26 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The race starts in the island Sandhamn and ends in Utö. With its unique environment and the entire mindset of the organization I got intrigued. I asked Michael Lemmel, the founder of Swimrun and Race Director of ÖTILLÖ, some questions about the entire happening. more!

Merle Heuvels has got That Wanderlust


Let me introduce you to Merle! She’s one of the loveliest girls I’ve met during my travels. A charming Dutch señorita with lots of passion for life itself, but most of all for traveling! When I met Merle in Nicaragua I would always see her walking to the beach with a surfboard under her arm and later on we would enjoy some drinks together. So much fun! Merle’s favorite thing about traveling is the freedom traveling gives and meeting fellow travelers and local people. I still wanted to ask her a couple of things about her wanderlust. more!

Jeff Jones has got That Wanderlust


I have been looking forward to this moment so much! It’s time to share stories of my travel friends. Those I met along the road.

Today Jeff Jones kicks it off by answering a couple of questions I’ve been dying to ask him! He’s my beloved travel friend from the States. Jeff is a surf addict, loves to get on the plane for any new travel adventure and he’s definitely a whole lot of fun! more!