The Airbnb home of Casa De Los Sueños in Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I have been enjoying the homes of the Airbnb website for a couple of years now. The first time I tried it I ended up spending time with an artistic Argentinean brother and sister who made me feel at home in their beautiful wooden Airbnb house. This time I found a place to stay through Airbnb again and my boyfriend and I made it our home away in Playa del Carmen. more!

Hotspot: Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant in The Hague


A week ago I went to the beach in the Netherlands – yes, we do have a beach here too! The name of the beach is Scheveningen (part of The Hague) and at the end of summer it is a great place to visit if you like rollerskating on the boulevard. There are also some great dining options for afterwards and in particularly there’s one which I find quite special. After the racing with my skates on the paths near the beach I went to the Rodizio restaurant; A Brazilian Grill. And you know I adore Brazil and I love meat! more!

Hotspot: Budda Cafe in Tortuguero


In the center of Tortuguero village there are a couple of restaurants, most of them with local food. Since I can’t see anymore rice and beans on my plate I started browsing through the little harbor town for something a bit more, well let’s say, European. more!

Hotspot: El Carajo Tapas Bar

Spanish tapas & Oaxacan dishes

An orange wall with natural bricks surrounding the entrance invite me to have a look at this place. “Rest-Tapas-Bar El Carajo” is written on the wall I find when I spontaneously decide to enter the place and to have a look. A lovely waiter who also appears to be the chef since he just opened his brand new restaurant, an open kitchen where I can see how my food is going to be prepared, cozy colors painted on the walls and a lot of dining space invite me to have a seat. more!