7 reasons why not to wear make-up

Well hello and happy new year all! I hope you’re not still hangover from the big eve and that you started the new year with lots of love. Today I am going to share with you my feelings about not wearing make-up. Because very simple, I’m not wearing any make-up at all anymore. So, let’s talk about our natural faces.
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How to pack a Travel First Aid Kit

travel first aid kit-travelfirstaidkit-firstaid-renate-rigters-travel-thatwanderlust

travel first aid kit for Health care on the road

To have a travel first aid kit is important whether you’re planning on going on a holiday for a week of backpacking for several months. A travel first aid kit can save you from inconvenient trips to a local doctor or hospital.
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Health hacks for how to stay healthy while traveling

yoga-travel-thatwanderlust-travelblog-renate-yogi-travelyoga-health hacks

Yoga on my balcony in Greece 🙂

How to live a healthy lifestyle while you’re on the go

Living life road tripping, backpacking or even working abroad can be full of fun and adventure, but it often lets you think of excuses to forget about healthy habits. My nomadic lifestyle is one with irregular working hours and it is important, yet difficult, to stay focused on health. A few weeks ago I got in touch with a company called Cotopaxi, who created an infographic with several health hacks. To promote overall health and wellness I also wrote a few of my own health hacks.
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Oh My Dengue Fever!?


I noticed a rough headache, painful eyes, chills, muscle pain and a fever. The Dengue mosquito had done his job on me and I did not know it.

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