When experiences come to end, it makes space for new adventures

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A disquiet feeling goes from my teeth down into my toes when I realize that it’s time to leave. It’s time for a trip – a new destination – and that means I will have to say goodbye once again. The house that became my home, our home, has to be cleaned and things need to be packed. Goodbye diners and drinks with the people we’ve met turn into a full agenda filler. People that became close friends in such a short time. Whether I’m staying somewhere for two week or for six months, it doesn’t really matter. Saying goodbye doesn’t get any easier, even though it’s not a farewell forever. The place where I have found my rhythm – a way to fit with the local style – now has to wait for my return.

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Best birthday gift ever


When I was a small kid I used to be always very nervous the days before my birthday. A month before the party date I would start making a wishlist and I’d hang it on the refrigerator, asking for a horse, a trip to anywhere and some drawing material.

It was also always fun selecting a certain outfit for your birthday. I remember my mom and I finding the perfect excuse for some shopping right before our birthdays.

In the Netherlands we celebrate a birthday with family in the afternoon having coffee and cake, while you all sit in a circle in the living-room or in the garden. After that your friends come and so does the wine and the beers.

The last eight years it wasn’t like that anymore. I was either traveling and spent my birthday with local people abroad or I went back home and made a party with friends and some family in the evening.

I never lost that nervous feeling though.
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Moonlight and paint in Karpathos


Once upon a time there were three young ladies, who all had the same job on a small island in the Aegean Sea. Their job was to make sure that the tourists who visited the island had a perfectly relaxed holiday. In their free time the three of them hung out together and on one particular day they got an idea;

It is full moon tomorrow and we have got to get to those stones before it is too late!”

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The friend request for travelers


A new local friend – Miauw!

Wherever you go, you always have to start all over. Like a brand new day. A while ago I realized that at whatever place I decide to make my home for the next following days, weeks, months or who knows, even years, I need to make a new impression and receive loads of inputs. Wherever you travel to, you always meet strangers and these strangers become friends or even lovers and especially some become like family. Amazing thing, isn’t it?
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Merle Heuvels has got That Wanderlust


Let me introduce you to Merle! She’s one of the loveliest girls I’ve met during my travels. A charming Dutch seΓ±orita with lots of passion for life itself, but most of all for traveling! When I met Merle in Nicaragua I would always see her walking to the beach with a surfboard under her arm and later on we would enjoy some drinks together. So much fun! Merle’s favorite thing about traveling is the freedom traveling gives and meeting fellow travelers and local people. I still wanted to ask her a couple of things about her wanderlust.

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Jeff Jones has got That Wanderlust


I have been looking forward to this moment so much! It’s time to share stories of my travel friends. Those I met along the road.

Today Jeff Jones kicks it off by answering a couple of questions I’ve been dying to ask him! He’s my beloved travel friend from the States. Jeff is a surf addict, loves to get on the plane for any new travel adventure and he’s definitely a whole lot of fun!
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5 reasons to visit a Christmas market


Last weekend was special to me. I visited my close friend Sina who lives in the Southern parts of the Netherlands very close to the German border and unfortunately we don’t get to see each other that often. Basically due to our travel bug! However, when we do find a chance to meet up we always have a splendid day and most of the times we try to go abroad together. This time I visit her at home and we do a little road trip to Aachen for a wonderful German weihnachtsmarkt experience. We walk around at the center of Aachen and see plenty of cute little Christmas stalls where lots of food and drinks are sold and not to forget the creative Christmas gifts of course.
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Traveling solo from the heart


What has gotten into me? A young woman with butterflies in her stomach traveling the world on her own. Sounds like something with way too many risks, right? However, I decided to do it, because I wanted to. I was only 22 years old and ready for a challenge.
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With Lettr we all still love sending a real postcard

lettr_postcardsDon’t you just feel like a young kid waiting to unwrap his Christmas presents to find out what’s inside when you see there’s a postcard laying on your doormat waiting for you to be discovered? Without doubt it beats finding bills, tax notifications and especially the postal advertisement from your local shop.

I like sending cards while I am abroad, but especially love receiving a card from a friend abroad while I am at home. However, the sending part is always a but tricky for the person having to sort it out in the other country – Where do they sell the stamps? How long do I have to stand in line at the local post office? Where can I even buy a card nowadays?
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10 typical Mexican phrases explained

You might know that I lived for a while in Mexico and that currently I am back (woo-hoo!). I realized that there are so many different uses of Spanish in Latin-America during my latest Latin-America backpacking trip, but Mexico still steals the show for most different and especially confusing Spanish!

By now I understand “Mexican” and I feel like sharing some of what I have learned over the last couple of years.

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Leaving Utila in style for Copan


It’s time to leave this gorgeous tropical diving paradise island named Utila. Well, for now that is. I am sure I will be back sooner or later for some more diving and visiting the super sweet people I have met over here. However, let me focus on my next destination Copan, where Maya ruins can still be found in very, very good conditions. I can definitely not skip this ancient city during my voyage towards Guatemala.
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Pool Crawling in San Juan del Sur(f)


The streets of San Juan del Sur

Monday is going to be so horrible

is the main thing you’ll hear in the streets of San Juan del Sur during the weekend. The main goal for every tourist in town is to get a ticket to the SundayFunday party and a place to stay. What a night it will be!
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Festival vibes at Bank Fashion

My friend Jules and I at 7th Sunday

Festivals. Don’t you just love this word? I remember my first festival ever very well. I was staying in Jamaica for a holiday with my folks and the Jamaican Reggae Sunsplash festival was about to start. I was sixteen, had to much hormones for my parents to handle and just wanted to dance and party. Moooom, daaaad! I want to go! Guess what. They had to come with me due to me still being only sixteen by then. But hey, we actually did go and it was great. Seeing people like Mr. Vegas, Elephant man, Cecilia and many other great Dancehall and Reggae artists performing live in Jamaica was a great experience. From there of I wanted more.
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