Tips for Après-ski, food, drinks & sunshine in Val Gardena!


So you’re booking a holiday to South Tirol? A week of snowboarding or skiing in the Italian mountains? Or perhaps just hiking the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites and having a glass of wine?

I am here to tip you with the best places to take a rest during the day, enjoy the sun, have the best food and drinks, but also where to party with the best ambiance and Après-ski music! more!

Hey you, what’s for breakfast?


A healthy early morning breakfast can give you energy and even while a lot of people rush out the door in the morning without having anything to eat, know that skipping breakfast can make you more hungry during the rest of the day.

Personally, I cannot start the day without eating any food. If I don’t have any breakfast I will collapse after walking a bit or standing up too long. You can imagine that when I’m traveling I always have to carry some energy bars with me. Just in case I can’t find any breakfast.

I have also always been a big eater and even while every single person always asks me how I can eat this much and still remain in good shape I believe the answer is very simple: breakfast. more!

Hotspot: Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant in The Hague


A week ago I went to the beach in the Netherlands – yes, we do have a beach here too! The name of the beach is Scheveningen (part of The Hague) and at the end of summer it is a great place to visit if you like rollerskating on the boulevard. There are also some great dining options for afterwards and in particularly there’s one which I find quite special. After the racing with my skates on the paths near the beach I went to the Rodizio restaurant; A Brazilian Grill. And you know I adore Brazil and I love meat! more!

The Swedish Crayfish party Schnapps song

Two weeks ago I was invited to Sweden at the Stockholm Archipelago and together with a lot of sportive outdoor activities also plenty of Swedish culture had to be experienced. Part of this is the traditional crayfish partying after a hot sauna with a beer.

schnapps_oas_sweden_that_wanderlust_travelblog more!