Elky Elkwood charming the girls in Sweden [video]

elky_elkwood_sweden_utoHave you ever heard about Elky Elkwood? Elky is a very loving Elk from Sweden, who is currently working as an intern for Nature Travels – UK specialists for Outdoor Experiences in Sweden. However, he doesn’t seem to work that much, since we find him plenty of times holding a beer or trying to charm the girls from around the world. Every year That Wanderlust finds him in Sweden and this year, as he was traveling through Sweden again, we met at the Stockholm Archipelago. Our charmer tried to impress the international girls at the harbor of Utö, but ended up getting cozy with quite a few at the Storastrand…

Don’t you just love Elky?


Tasting the Swedish Jämtland Härjedalen

Wild buffet from nature’s pantry

I got invited by the ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Håkon Emsgårdo, to come to the embassy in Den Hague and learn about the local outdoor and especially culinary highlights from the Swedish region Jämtland Härjedalen. I would not miss a chance to try Scandinavian food and drinks. Yummy!

After a short presentation about the region and its activities, such as downhill biking and skiing, the buffet was opened and we could all try the delicious Swedish treats.


All kinds of local drinks, such as the St. Johns beer, Birch wine and Lingonberry nectar

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10 top stories we could not tell from OAS 2013



Last week verkeersbureaus.info sent me to Sweden for the Outdoor Academy in Dalarna and we had a pretty awesome time there. Everybody had a lot of fun and we saw so many things of the region.
But… there are always some stories that you would prefer to keep inside the academy.

Fortunately for you, I decided to share a few of those stories, but you need to help me out with my puzzle of who belongs to which story.

Here are my top 10 stories we could not tell from #oas 2013!

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