Happy camping on a Swedish beach


It always gives me an exciting feeling. Choosing the clothes I will wear and an extra pair in case I get wet or simply really dirty, finding a tent that will work, some gear for in the wild and then packing it all into my bag. It’s a happy campers feeling I get while preparing myself for a new adventure and once I reach my camping spot I totally feel like a wild and happy hippie.
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Outdoor in the Stockholm Archipelago [video]

In September 2014 I got invited to the Stockholm Archipelago by the Outdoor Academy of Sweden and once again I brought my DSLR camera and my GoPro to capture the entire travel story. Hiking, kayaking, camping, cycling, making campfire, some good food and moments on the ocean – all wrapped up in just under 3 minutes. Enjoy the being outdoors!

The Swedish Crayfish party Schnapps song

Two weeks ago I was invited to Sweden at the Stockholm Archipelago and together with a lot of sportive outdoor activities also plenty of Swedish culture had to be experienced. Part of this is the traditional crayfish partying after a hot sauna with a beer.


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10 top stories we could not tell from #oas 2014



After yet another amazing and especially adventurous outdoor trip to Sweden I have got plenty to tell and share with all of you. This time I went to the Stockholm Archipelago, a lovely bunch of islands near Stockholm where you can find yourself in pure nature with the possibility to go for loads of sportive activities that will make you connect even more with the Swedish mother nature. However, a couple of things I really wish to share are perhaps a bit of the record… And so this means we cannot really discuss it face to face, but I can absolutely write about it and you can comment below to continue the gossip or solve the mystery 😉

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