Cabin Porn in Sweden


The lost islands of Stockholm

Utö is one of the largest islands in the southern Stockholm archipelago (which I wrote about before), with an exciting and interesting history, which began during the early mining days around 1100. You can stay at the comfortable Utö Vardhus Hotel if you’re interested in exploring the island and its surroundings like the island of Huvudskär, but it’s also a great chance to stay at a cute little house on the beach. It will feel as if you own the island while you’re on your own little private beach! The entire area is great for adventurous activities like kayaking, biking and hiking, which I refer to like playing outside for grownups.

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7 reasons why you should never date a Swede


Yesterday I posted a blog on 7 reasons why not to date an Italian and I was asked to do the same about the Swedes. Now I don’t mean the vegetable, but the nationality. As my Swedish friend has published a similar kind of Facebook post today about why not to date Dutch girls, may you be the judge and say which nationality is worse! So here they come, inspired by my Swedish friend Jonas, enjoy!

7 reasons why you should never date a Swede. more!

ÖTILLÖ – Racing from island to island


ÖTILLÖ is a Swimrun in Sweden and according to CNN it is ranked as one of the toughest endurance races in the world! Teams of two persons swim and run 75 kilometers within the surroundings of 26 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The race starts in the island Sandhamn and ends in Utö. With its unique environment and the entire mindset of the organization I got intrigued. I asked Michael Lemmel, the founder of Swimrun and Race Director of ÖTILLÖ, some questions about the entire happening. more!

Meet the lovely islands of Stockholm



Did you know that close by the big city of Stockholm you can find a bunch of pretty little islands? With actual beaches? And not just little pieces of land, but actual isles you can live on or simply spend the entire day at. Some of the islands still haven’t been entirely discovered, since there are so many of them… more!