My Galdhøpiggen

To the highest mountain of Northern Europe

It is quit early in the morning when I wake up. I bought some thermos underwear for today’s activity and I had worn my hiking boots before so that they would not hurt my feet today. After a brekkie we get on the bus towards Galdhøpiggen – the highest mountain of Norway, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain of Northern Europe more!

Adventurous rafting in Norway


It do not see it that much, but now it is happening again: an exciting activity where everyone is having a good time during the entire event with a lot of smiling. Many thought the idea of doing this was a bit scary before, but when we finally arrived at the Sjoa raftingsenter NWR everybody was looking forward to it. We are going for some rafting! more!