4 tips on how to explore Mellieha Bay in a day

Image by Robert Pittman, shared under a Creative Commons License

Image by Robert Pittman, shared under a Creative Commons License

Mellieha is world-class destination for anyone seeking the relaxed atmosphere and sunshine of a provincial Mediterranean town. The beaches that line the coast of the bay are some of the finest on Malta, so if you want to maximize your time in the island’s natural beauty, here are 4 tips on how to explore the best of what Mellieha has to offer.
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Big hotels in Malta

During my stay in Malta a few weeks ago I was invited at the Corinthia and AX hotels. I want to share my opinion on the big hotels in Malta with you so that it might get easier to choose one for your stay at this Mediterranean island.

I saw a lot of boutique hotels and resorts. Big hotels are normally simply too huge for me and staff treats you everyday as if you just arrived, again… so, it takes a good one to convince me that a big hotel can be nice.

Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay – Marina Hotel Beach Resort

But fortunately these hotels did not give me the feeling to take off after breakfast and search for a beach. They gave me the feeling as if I was walking in a little town with a really luxurious villa and I could walk to the kind neighbor villa within 5 minutes. I am not sure if I am making sense to you right now, but for me this is very positive! A hotel that gives me the feeling like home. Thank you David for showing me this pearl of Malta.

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Prisoner of Love in Gozo

The island Ogygia used to be the place where the nymph (Greek for hidden) Calypso used to live according to the Greek mythology. The island Ogygia nowadays seems to be the island Gozo near Malta. The important myth of Odysseus and Calypso would have taken place near the Ramla Bay in Gozo, where you can admire the Calypso cave today.


View at Ramla Bay

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The 360˚ dream of a photographer

After a flight of only 3 hours, which departed from Amsterdam Schiphol I landed on Malta, a small Mediterranean Island that amazed me with the many things you can see and do.


The fishing village Marsaxlokk

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