4 easy tips to make snowboarding more fun


Snowboarding is happiness

Lately I’ve been on the slopes almost every day, at least for an hour a day since I also have to do things during the day away from the slopes for my work. I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of months and I became a way better snowboarder. That’s why I want to share some snowboarding tips with you so that we can all improve our skills and rock those mountains! Snowboarding is happiness!
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Sledging in Val Gardena [video]

It’s a brand new day today and we’re trying to figure out what we should do. The weather isn’t great for going on piste with the snowboard since it’s snowing a whole lot and the wind is amazingly strong like 90km/h. Last night I even thought my window would break while I heard the wind hitting it.
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Natural moments of dopamine


As I am standing on top of one of the ski pistes of the Dolomiti, in the Italian Alps, I realize how happy this really makes me. Being here, with mother nature, snow & sunshine, fresh air, outdoor sports, new surroundings and new people, all providing happiness. However, it’s something I find intriguing as I can’t get this feeling of happiness that easy at home. I started wondering why.
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Ciao! I’m moving to the Dolomites


It’s my fifth day here at the Italian Alps today and again, I woke up with a smile.
Especially after yesterday’s day of work mixed with a snowboard session.
What a great place to spend a few months at!
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