A visual journal of winter in Italy

another snowy river in canazei

It has been 1,5 month now that I’ve been living again in Italy for the winter season and last week it finally started to snow. Having all those pretty mountains around makes me want to take out my camera and take a hike when you won’t go snowboarding. This is the result of an afternoon stroll with my camera through the beautiful Albi di Canazei in the Italian Dolomites.
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An encounter with the Ice Mummy of Ötzi


A few days ago we visited the Ice Man of South Tyrol. The drive from Val di Fassa to Bolzano was originally to buy a new phone, since my cellular broke down, but it soon became an interesting experience when we walked into the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.
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A Travelers Puzzle of Love


While the snowflakes come down…

Today I woke up in a warm bed. Outside the temperatures are -10 Cº and the mountain scenery is quite different compared to where I come from. Hiking up a hill is something that exhausts me because I grew up with low and flat lands. I don’t mind going down hill though, especially when there is enough snow and I can use a snowboard to do so. Staying in the Italian Dolomites lets me discover more about myself. About why the Netherlands isn’t really my thing the whole year through since right now I can be in surroundings with extreme nature. Huge mountains, snowy peaks, frozen waterfalls and lakes, curvy roads and wild foxes that take my breath away as they appear so suddenly.
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7 reasons why you should never date an Italian


Dolce&Gabbana Italian models

Italians, the handsome gentlemen, always seem to capture many hearts. Interesting, I thought. Over the last few months I lived in the Italian Dolomites and I noticed a couple of things.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should never date an Italian.
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Tips for Après-ski, food, drinks & sunshine in Val Gardena!


So you’re booking a holiday to South Tirol? A week of snowboarding or skiing in the Italian mountains? Or perhaps just hiking the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites and having a glass of wine?

I am here to tip you with the best places to take a rest during the day, enjoy the sun, have the best food and drinks, but also where to party with the best ambiance and Après-ski music!
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How to brew coffee with an Italian Moka Pot [video]


Photo from bluebottlecoffee.com

Ever seen an Italian Moka Pot? It’s a coffee maker that produces coffee by pushing boiling water through ground coffee and it taste very good if you ask me! Since some Dutch people asked me how the Moka Pot works while I was in Italy I decided to make a little video. Enjoy the video and just in case it goes to quick I also placed a description of how to brew the coffee. For any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below 🙂
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Life here is one big camping [VIDEO]


I’ve been so busy with my outdoors wintery lifestyle in the Italian Dolomites that I haven’t spent a lot of time on writing… Here most of work and free time all happens outdoors. And the big part that still is indoors is called Après-ski…

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Sunshine and bubbles at Terme Merano

After 3 months of snowboarding intensively, and not to forget a bit of too much Après-ski, it was about time for a relax-day in the sun. Bubbles, warm temperatures, healing water and well, a few hot life guards. Those were the words for today at Terme Merano.
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4 easy tips to make snowboarding more fun


Snowboarding is happiness

Lately I’ve been on the slopes almost every day, at least for an hour a day since I also have to do things during the day away from the slopes for my work. I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of months and I became a way better snowboarder. That’s why I want to share some snowboarding tips with you so that we can all improve our skills and rock those mountains! Snowboarding is happiness!
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Sledging in Val Gardena [video]

It’s a brand new day today and we’re trying to figure out what we should do. The weather isn’t great for going on piste with the snowboard since it’s snowing a whole lot and the wind is amazingly strong like 90km/h. Last night I even thought my window would break while I heard the wind hitting it.
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Natural moments of dopamine


As I am standing on top of one of the ski pistes of the Dolomiti, in the Italian Alps, I realize how happy this really makes me. Being here, with mother nature, snow & sunshine, fresh air, outdoor sports, new surroundings and new people, all providing happiness. However, it’s something I find intriguing as I can’t get this feeling of happiness that easy at home. I started wondering why.
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Ciao! I’m moving to the Dolomites


It’s my fifth day here at the Italian Alps today and again, I woke up with a smile.
Especially after yesterday’s day of work mixed with a snowboard session.
What a great place to spend a few months at!
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