Diving at Votsalakia #ItTakesTwo [video]

We love diving! Life is Blue!

We went for a couple of dives in Amoopi and did quite a lot of dives at the beach of Votsalakia. Here’s a video of a complete dive we did in Votsalakia, where we spotted a sea star, caves, strange tiny jellyfish and some other kinds of fish still undefined.

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Discovering the cave #ItTakesTwo [video]


Thom & I decided to share our adventures abroad and here’s part 1 of a series of movies – especially near the ocean in Karpathos. What a beautiful nature we have over here! Feel the happiness!
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Moonlight and paint in Karpathos


Once upon a time there were three young ladies, who all had the same job on a small island in the Aegean Sea. Their job was to make sure that the tourists who visited the island had a perfectly relaxed holiday. In their free time the three of them hung out together and on one particular day they got an idea;

It is full moon tomorrow and we have got to get to those stones before it is too late!”

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Road trip down South for one single picture


I’m driving from Pigadia to the South of the island. There is a supermarket on my right where a man is standing still with his van. He is making a phone call and wants to continue his voyage without noticing that I’m passing by. He almost hits me, but I can still safely drive passed him. Then I see a gas station on my left, full with cars, and another one on my right. The second one is closed. It has actually always been closed and we have only three gas stations on the island, which could have been four. Still, nowadays the closed gas station looks more like a parking spot. There’s a boat parked next to the pump and a white car with a black painted rooftop. I see a sign with the word Amoopi. Here’s the first exit from the main road to get to the beach of Amoopi and the red Toyota across the exit always reminds me of it. However, today I’m not going to Amoopi. I’m driving just a little bit further.
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