Cruising European rivers with a motorcylcle


For 5 days long my Motormaus and I cruised next to the European rivers, such as the Meuse, Moselle and the Rhine, by motorcycle. We drove through Belgium, Germany, a tiny part of France and eventually went back to where life started; Holanda! more!

Will I stay or will I go?


Here I am, at Dusseldorf Airport, waiting for my delayed airplane to arrive and bring me to London Heathrow for my connecting flight. I already had a delay of 40 minutes for the same plane, but now they don’t even know when the aircraft will land. The plane flew to Cologne instead of Dusseldorf and I am waiting to hear some good news from the airline or I am afraid I’ll miss my connecting flight to Buenos Aires. Please oh please arrive on time British Airways. I know it’s the horrible weather conditions that don’t allow the plane to land at this moment, but hopefully that will change in a few minutes. more!

Karlsruhe gives the holiday feeling

Karlsruhe. A bustling German city with cozy biergartens, festivals and beautiful forests for the sportsman who wants to do some mountain biking or running.


On the road… more!