Surf Camp Review: Planet Surf in Fuerteventura


I love to travel and especially to go to those exotic places where the weather is warm, the beaches are beautiful and the people live happily. I’ve always wanted to go to Fuerteventura, but never had the chance! Until Planet Surf Camp invited me to join them for a week, and of course I didn’t have to think very long about accepting the invite! I started searching for a flight and found one that takes 4,5 hours from Weeze Airport in Germany. Bingo! Let’s do this, Fuerteventura here I come! more!

A Surf Journal: the Punta Blanca reef


Such an exciting day! Today I’m going to the reef. I totally hated it the other day when I had to walk into the sea at another beach with the rocks beneath my feet and I got pretty much scared of the idea of surfing on the reef due to my previous reef experiences. However, I wanted to give it another try and so I decided that today would be my reef surfing adventure! more!

A Surf Journal: Fuerte’s Playa del Moro


It’s Tuesday morning and I got the chance to wake up without my alarm clock set today. Eventually I wake up at about 8am and go straight for breakfast. Two Austrian girls, Kathi and Elisabeth, who are also at the surf house, wake up at around the same time and we decide to hit to streets together after we eat our cereals. One of the girls rented a surf-skate board and it’s super fun to see how this kind of skateboarding works. It looks like a kind of surfing on the street, but on a smaller board. I give it a try and actually it’s a whole lot easier than I thought. I enjoy kicking the street with my right foot and steering with it while on the board. more!