A journey into the Jenever history of Hasselt



Thinking of the time I got to explore Hasselt, my visit to the Jenever factory has become one of my favorite experiences in Belgium.

The city of Hasselt has a large history of Jenever, which is not to be confused with Gin.”

A young man welcomes us to the museum and shows us their bar, where we sit down and listen to the story of the museum’s history. Which is actually a quite interesting one!
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Our private boat in the canals of Ghent


It’s Wednesday evening and the weather is good. Many people in Ghent are trying to catch a glimpse of the bright sunshine that is still taking care of the summer feeling we all wish to have.
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Cruising European rivers with a motorcylcle


For 5 days long my Motormaus and I cruised next to the European rivers, such as the Meuse, Moselle and the Rhine, by motorcycle. We drove through Belgium, Germany, a tiny part of France and eventually went back to where life started; Holanda!
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A medieval winter in magical Bruges


It is Friday morning and I wake up in the city of Ghent. After some scrambled eggs, made by the charming lady of the breakfast room from the NH hotel, I put my backpack on and walk outside to catch a tram ride to the train station. Upon arrival at the train station of Ghent St. Pieters I only have to spend half an hour traveling by train to get to Bruges.
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