5 of the best party towns in Asia

Everyone loves a party, but what happens when the urge strikes you and you’re halfway around the world? Today we’re going to investigate five of the best party towns in Asia.

The best party towns in Asia

1. Phuket – Thailand

phuket-best-party-asia-backpacking-travel-wanderlust-best party towns in Asia

Phuket, Thailand
(photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gordonflood/)

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Tips for Après-ski, food, drinks & sunshine in Val Gardena!


So you’re booking a holiday to South Tirol? A week of snowboarding or skiing in the Italian mountains? Or perhaps just hiking the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites and having a glass of wine?

I am here to tip you with the best places to take a rest during the day, enjoy the sun, have the best food and drinks, but also where to party with the best ambiance and Après-ski music!
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Pool Crawling in San Juan del Sur(f)


The streets of San Juan del Sur

Monday is going to be so horrible

is the main thing you’ll hear in the streets of San Juan del Sur during the weekend. The main goal for every tourist in town is to get a ticket to the SundayFunday party and a place to stay. What a night it will be!
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Festival vibes at Bank Fashion

My friend Jules and I at 7th Sunday

Festivals. Don’t you just love this word? I remember my first festival ever very well. I was staying in Jamaica for a holiday with my folks and the Jamaican Reggae Sunsplash festival was about to start. I was sixteen, had to much hormones for my parents to handle and just wanted to dance and party. Moooom, daaaad! I want to go! Guess what. They had to come with me due to me still being only sixteen by then. But hey, we actually did go and it was great. Seeing people like Mr. Vegas, Elephant man, Cecilia and many other great Dancehall and Reggae artists performing live in Jamaica was a great experience. From there of I wanted more.
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