A lucky caribbean journey to Tortuguero


Green Kingfisher

Yesterday at about seven o’clock in the morning I woke up due to the bright sunlight entering the hostel dorm. Luckily I woke up on time because there was a new Caribbean journey awaiting me.
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Hotel review Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp


In the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica you can find the Corcovado Adventure Tent Camp. Well, maybe not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but at least it’s quite remote. Right beside the Corcovado National Park at the beach, which meets the jungle directly, you can spend the night in a high quality tent. You won’t have to put up your own tent, no, everything will be already set for you to use right away. The idea of camping at the beach near the jungle sounds really amazing and so I decided to visit the tent camp for two adventurous nights.
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Hotel review La Cusinga Eco Lodge in Costa Rica


How does it sound to sleep in a wooden house where the howler monkeys and many tropical birds wake you up in the morning when it is time for a delicious breakfast? Where can you find everything around you being pure natural from a wild yet comfortable jungle pool to fabulous meals with ingredients from the garden? How does it feel to lay in a colorful hammock and watch the sun go down behind the deep blue sea?

I found all the answers to my questions at La Cusinga Eco Lodge in Costa Rica.
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