Indulging in secret hot springs


After a long time traveling you kind of run out of money… but well, luckily there’s also a lot of free stuff! I always get to the point that I’m extremely happy to be traveling and even though the backpack might hurt my back after a while, I’m so happy that I don’t even feel the ‘travel-muscle pain’ anymore. However, getting to a hostel with a really good hot shower or finding a jacuzzi does seem to please my back every single time. more!

Adventurous canyoneering in Costa Rica

Steady.... and go!

Steady…. and go!

Canyoneering. Does it ring a bell?

When I first heard these words all kinds of ideas went through my mind of what it could possibly be. Could it be climbing through a canyon? Maybe attached to a cord and perhaps it involves jumping? Well, something with a canyon at least.

Okay, so then what is canyoneering?

The combination of finding yourself exploring a canyon in the jungle and abseiling through waterfalls is what makes canyoneering. Not something you’d probably be able to do right now if you live in a city, but you actually can do it if you’re in Costa Rica! And it’s very much worth it to get this experience!

I went to Arenal and put my name on the list of some adventurous activities of which canyoneering (also known as canyoning) is one!

What I did not expect is that the canyoneering I was going for really had to do with jumping off a waterfall… Whoo-hoo! Sounds awesome! Here we go! more!

Hotspot: Budda Cafe in Tortuguero


In the center of Tortuguero village there are a couple of restaurants, most of them with local food. Since I can’t see anymore rice and beans on my plate I started browsing through the little harbor town for something a bit more, well let’s say, European. more!

Walking through the clouds in Monteverde

Have you ever walked through a Cloud Forest? How about walking through the clouds of this forest? Getting confused?

This is what I’m talking about:

treewalk_monteverde_costarica more!