Travel guide: reggae time in Puerto Viejo

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In Costa Rica, close to the Panama border on the Caribbean coast, you will find Puerto Viejo. This laid back town with Caribbean feel is still overlooked by most tourists, but make sure you visit it now before it becomes “too” popular in the future. Puerto Viejo still offers some of Costa Rica’s best beaches, reggae beats and a unique culture of both Afro-Caribbean and indigenous people. There are surf breaks for beginners and more experienced wave catchers. Even animal shelters where you can volunteer or simply pay a guided visit have been started. Nice restaurants, good street food and fun party places, it has it all. Even diving is an activity you can do here certain months a year. Are you up for some reggae time in Puerto Viejo?

A travel guide to Puerto Viejo more!

From Mexico to Bocas del Toro, Panama with a pit stop in Costa Rica

Greetings from below sea-level! #Panama #diving

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Tomorrow our IDC (PADI’s Instructor Development Course) was supposed to start. Here, at Playa del Carmen – Mexico, things didn’t go as planned, so we have to make a decision. more!

5 great party hostels in Central America

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great party hostels in Central America

Ah… My sweet Central America. First there’s the beach to waste the entire day at or the adventurous activities to maintain your adrenaline with. Then there’s the food – absolutely delicious. And finally, the party hostels to keep you up all night. So when do you sleep? On your flight back home after you’ve entirely fallen in love with the last country you visited and wish you didn’t book that flight at all. But before all that happens, make sure you have some fun at these party hostels in Central America. more!

Photos from 7 months in Latin America


Latin America is enormous and you can easily spend over half a year to explore the surroundings. After I graduated for my tourism degree I wandered around for 7 months, starting in Argentina and finishing in Mexico, and I brought my camera to capture the wonderful views. more!

Indulging in secret hot springs


After a long time traveling you kind of run out of money… but well, luckily there’s also a lot of free stuff! I always get to the point that I’m extremely happy to be traveling and even though the backpack might hurt my back after a while, I’m so happy that I don’t even feel the ‘travel-muscle pain’ anymore. However, getting to a hostel with a really good hot shower or finding a jacuzzi does seem to please my back every single time. more!

Adventurous canyoneering in Costa Rica

Steady.... and go!

Steady…. and go!

Canyoneering. Does it ring a bell?

When I first heard these words all kinds of ideas went through my mind of what it could possibly be. Could it be climbing through a canyon? Maybe attached to a cord and perhaps it involves jumping? Well, something with a canyon at least.

Okay, so then what is canyoneering?

The combination of finding yourself exploring a canyon in the jungle and abseiling through waterfalls is what makes canyoneering. Not something you’d probably be able to do right now if you live in a city, but you actually can do it if you’re in Costa Rica! And it’s very much worth it to get this experience!

I went to Arenal and put my name on the list of some adventurous activities of which canyoneering (also known as canyoning) is one!

What I did not expect is that the canyoneering I was going for really had to do with jumping off a waterfall… Whoo-hoo! Sounds awesome! Here we go! more!

Hotspot: Budda Cafe in Tortuguero


In the center of Tortuguero village there are a couple of restaurants, most of them with local food. Since I can’t see anymore rice and beans on my plate I started browsing through the little harbor town for something a bit more, well let’s say, European. more!

Walking through the clouds in Monteverde

Have you ever walked through a Cloud Forest? How about walking through the clouds of this forest? Getting confused?

This is what I’m talking about:

treewalk_monteverde_costarica more!

Most sublime indulgence at the Tabacón Thermal Springs


I’m in Costa Rica and after a busy and especially adventurous day in Arenal some relaxing would do me really good. Thanks to mother nature Arenal has amazing hot springs! I went for a visit to the volcanic hot springs of Tabacón more!

The horse wisperer of Monteverde


Horses. Who doesn’t like them?
I have been adoring these creatures since I was five years old and I still do today. That is why I got really excited when I found a fantastic horse riding company in Monteverde during my stay in this truly magical area.

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Flying from tree to tree with the original canopy


When you go to Monteverde you will find yourself surrounded by the cloud forest. Meaning that there are many, many trees and that it might be a bit misty. more!

Tree climbing to the top of Monteverde’s cloud forest


Climbing up into the inside of a hollow Ficus tree

This afternoon I was ready for some more adventure. Many people had been telling me about an impressive Ficus tree here in Monteverde, where you could climb into and reach the top. I thought it was the tree I climbed through during my canopy tour in Monteverde, but it appeared to be a different one. Of course I had to find out which one it was!

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A lucky caribbean journey to Tortuguero


Green Kingfisher

Yesterday at about seven o’clock in the morning I woke up due to the bright sunlight entering the hostel dorm. Luckily I woke up on time because there was a new Caribbean journey awaiting me. more!