Baby Sea Turtle release in Puerto Escondido


The cutest thing I’ve seen so far – that’s the feeling these guys gave me when they started blinking their big black eyes while moving their bodies in the rhythm of the ocean. It’s for sure that they’ll all be good swimmers, even while they have a pretty awful sounding one percent survival rate. Cute little sea turtles – we got a chance to help them make it. more!

The best Cenote diving in Mexico


Gran Cenote

Before we settled in for the long haul flight to Mexico’s Cancun I Googled about the natural phenomenon that stole my attention a few years ago. I was never close enough to the area of cenotes to reach them, but this time my boyfriend and I were going to spend some time in Tulum. We started planning on trying to find some hippie beach spots to relax at while knowing the cenotes are basically going to be in our backyard. I just had to investigate and learn a bit more about sinkhole diving knowing that we have the cenotes so nearby. more!

Packing Tips – What to bring with you in your backpack for Mexico?

Packing Tips-backpack-Mexico-netherlands_mexico_decoration_home

Tomorrow is the day. This time I get to set foot on a plane back to my beloved Mexico. I will travel for 5 weeks together with Le boyfriend and preferably with the least weight necessary on our backs. Over all, we don’t want to feel like pack animals. But what do you actually take with you when you take off for such a trip? more!

4 tips on how to explore Mellieha Bay in a day

Image by Robert Pittman, shared under a Creative Commons License

Image by Robert Pittman, shared under a Creative Commons License

Mellieha is world-class destination for anyone seeking the relaxed atmosphere and sunshine of a provincial Mediterranean town. The beaches that line the coast of the bay are some of the finest on Malta, so if you want to maximize your time in the island’s natural beauty, here are 4 tips on how to explore the best of what Mellieha has to offer. more!