Prisoner of Love in Gozo

The island Ogygia used to be the place where the nymph (Greek for hidden) Calypso used to live according to the Greek mythology. The island Ogygia nowadays seems to be the island Gozo near Malta. The important myth of Odysseus and Calypso would have taken place near the Ramla Bay in Gozo, where you can admire the Calypso cave today.


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Summer Carnival at Rotterdam with Manu Chao

Last Saturday I took the train to Rotterdam where I was dying to go to because Manu Chao was going to be there! I never saw my favorite artist live, but this was my chance to go and see him and I did not even had to pay for a ticket – entrance to the festival and the concert was for free! more!

Huatulco, the real Mexico without Taco Bell

Nine ways to enjoy paradise: Tangolunda, Chahue, Santa Cruz, Conejos, Maguey, Cacaluta, Chachacual, Organo and San Agustin. Those are the unforgettable bays of Huatulco.

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A wrong name on an airline-ticket is expensive

About 60.000 Dutchies fill in a wrong name on their airline-ticket. This costs about 200 euros per person per ticket to change.

Filling in a nickname, instead of the Christian name, while booking online is the most common mistake.

Check, double-check and check again!

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