Working in the Maldives as a dive instructor


A month and a half goes by in the Maldives as if it was only a few days. Time goes fast when you’re having fun definitely counts here. All the days are filled with warm weather and more importantly, a warm ocean of 28 or more degrees Celsius. The job ritual is getting smoother and better by the day and the dive center team starts to become like a family. Dive sites get familiar and even local fish start to get names. Working as a dive instructor in the Maldives is a dream job for many people and we are the lucky ones to be here and actually do it. more!

Scuba Diving in Huatulco – the marine life of Oaxaca


Diving in Huatulco

A few days ago we went for two dives in Huatulco, my favorite city in Mexico. Huatulco lays in Oaxaca on the Pacific coast and has plenty of interesting marine life. The water is lovely for snorkeling and great for diving. The visibility that we had was only about 7 to 8 meters, but that gave us no issues as the macro life is beautiful. The water temperature was about 27 degrees and with a maximum depth of 18 meters near the coast. We dove at two dive spots; El Laberinto and Morro Maguey. I liked the second spot better for the thousands of porcupinefish. Those creatures are simply adorable! more!

Getting ready for a year of diving in the Maldives

Diving in the Maldives

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A new adventure has come across our path and with this comes a new destination. Thom and I will spend 2018 as dive instructors for a brand new resort. more!

Freediving – a new passion on one breath



A word that brings many different pictures to mind. It could show the image of a person jumping from a high board that itself is a spring. Jumping into a deep pool from higher grounds. Perhaps it reminds you of a song or a movie. To me it brings memories of being one with the ocean on one breath. One single breath. more!