Tree climbing to the top of Monteverde’s cloud forest


Climbing up into the inside of a hollow Ficus tree

This afternoon I was ready for some more adventure. Many people had been telling me about an impressive Ficus tree here in Monteverde, where you could climb into and reach the top. I thought it was the tree I climbed through during my canopy tour in Monteverde, but it appeared to be a different one. Of course I had to find out which one it was!

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I want to travel the world… someday


Many people dream of traveling to their favorite destination or to continuously travel the world, but they never seem to make their dream come true. I truly believe that when you want something and you decide to go for it you can do it. The world awaits you. more!

Biggest Baddest Bucket List

I have visited Times Square, ate pasta in Italy, flew First Class, navigated on Loch Ness, did a hot air balloon ride at the Maasai Mara, climbed the GaldhΓΈpiggen, went to a reggae festival in Jamaica, hugged a wild cheetah in Kenya, and ate grasshoppers in Mexico.
But there is so much more in this world that I would like to do. Have you got wishes for thing you really want to do? Sure you do! more!

While out of your comfort zone

In 2011 I was working as a guide in Barcelona with bicycle tours (CruisingBarcelona) through the city. That summer I met Annemay van den Heuvel, while she was visiting BCN with her friend. I guided her through town with the tour and we had nice conversations.

One year later I started my studies in the Netherlands and with our class we went to Barcelona for a study-trip – it had to be Barcelona?
Funny thing was, that Annemay also started the same study (in another city) and we met again during this trip.


At work as a guide in Barcelona, the group with Annemay – summer 2011 more!