Traveling solo from the heart


What has gotten into me? A young woman with butterflies in her stomach traveling the world on her own. Sounds like something with way too many risks, right? However, I decided to do it, because I wanted to. I was only 22 years old and ready for a challenge. more!

Perhaps all I need is love and coconuts


I am not sure if I can describe the way I am feeling today, but I would like to give it a try.
I notice butterflies or maybe even quite a seagull in my stomach, a constant desire of wanting to taste the salty water and feeling the fresh sea-breeze blowing through my hair. The birds making a lot of noise seem to entertain me and the Spanish words “mi amor” with a strong R roll gently over my tongue while I approach my friends and feel the love in the air. The kisses and hugs of my amiguitos truly make my day and I feel a deep connection with the Oaxaqueños. This might sound like some kind of love letter, and you might think I am going crazy for a tropical ambiance, but really, I have been having this feeling for over 2 years now and it has not gone away. I love this place. more!

Tips for sexy travel selfies for your man

You’re traveling for a while and can’t see your man for a couple of days, weeks or maybe even months. It’s quite normal that you guys start sending many messages while one is abroad and probably you’ll have some “dirty talk” texts or WhatsApp’s in there too. It all seems pretty harmless, but what if during these sexy conversations he says “love, send me a photo ;-)” ? more!

Tree climbing to the top of Monteverde’s cloud forest


Climbing up into the inside of a hollow Ficus tree

This afternoon I was ready for some more adventure. Many people had been telling me about an impressive Ficus tree here in Monteverde, where you could climb into and reach the top. I thought it was the tree I climbed through during my canopy tour in Monteverde, but it appeared to be a different one. Of course I had to find out which one it was!

…read more!