The luxurious stress of travel choices


Photo by Debby van Boxtel

It’s that time of the year that choices have to be made. Again. It seems every other half a year something changes in my life. If not earlier. I have been back in the Netherlands again for about four months now, yet I haven’t been home all the time either those last couple of months because I was lucky enough to do plenty of trips. Being back after those 7 months in Latin America, back home, there where I grew up and where I left my friends, I realized I wasn’t quite done with my own country. However, the travel bug doesn’t seem to leave me alone and I am craving for new adventures. more!

10 great travel movies that take you on a trip

We always want to get into the travel mood. You can get there by reading a travel book, talking to friends and sharing travel stories, or you can watch a great travel movie. Especially now that the days are getting shorter in my home country (the Netherlands) I am getting ready for some cozy travel movie Sundays. Here’s a list of movies I love to watch whenever I need some travel energy. more!