Returning home and making observations


My last ride through the Dolomites… for now

Observing my people

I’m standing on platform 15B in Utrecht, waiting for the train that will bring me a little bit closer to home. I just got back in the Netherlands and I dropped off the rental car that I used in Italy to now continue the journey home by train.

However, my train is delayed. Of course it is! Since I remember the trains here always seem to be delayed. Oh wait, there it goes; my Dutch nature is complaining about getting somewhere to late. I actually don’t really care right now if I have to wait ten or twenty minutes to get somewhere, but for some reason I realize it’s pretty typical of us Dutch people to start hurrying and getting annoyed when plans change. more!

The friend request for travelers


A new local friend – Miauw!

Wherever you go, you always have to start all over. Like a brand new day. A while ago I realized that at whatever place I decide to make my home for the next following days, weeks, months or who knows, even years, I need to make a new impression and receive loads of inputs. Wherever you travel to, you always meet strangers and these strangers become friends or even lovers and especially some become like family. Amazing thing, isn’t it? more!

Natural moments of dopamine


As I am standing on top of one of the ski pistes of the Dolomiti, in the Italian Alps, I realize how happy this really makes me. Being here, with mother nature, snow & sunshine, fresh air, outdoor sports, new surroundings and new people, all providing happiness. However, it’s something I find intriguing as I can’t get this feeling of happiness that easy at home. I started wondering why. more!

12 tips to make you happier in the New Year


1. Be happy with less.

Start counting all the things, all the materialism, you have. You don’t need more shoes. Be happy with what you’ve got. It’s easier to live with less stuff and happiness is not gained through belongings. more!