Hey you, what’s for breakfast?


A healthy early morning breakfast can give you energy and even while a lot of people rush out the door in the morning without having anything to eat, know that skipping breakfast can make you more hungry during the rest of the day.

Personally, I cannot start the day without eating any food. If I don’t have any breakfast I will collapse after walking a bit or standing up too long. You can imagine that when I’m traveling I always have to carry some energy bars with me. Just in case I can’t find any breakfast.

I have also always been a big eater and even while every single person always asks me how I can eat this much and still remain in good shape I believe the answer is very simple: breakfast.
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Moving like a minimalist

Walking on the streets of Nicaragua - Photo by Debby van Boxtel

Walking on the streets of Nicaragua – Photo by Debby van Boxtel

It’s time to move. Whether it’s from a birthplace to a new city or needing to cross borders to an entirely new country, it’s something that can have a big impact on our lives. Today It’s time for me to make some decisions regarding moving and while I thought I was already living like a minimalist, I got totally surprised.
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An adventurous heart and the right choices


Which temple should I explore next? – Palenque, Mexico

Stressing out over choices – it happens more than you’d think. However, I’m not stressing out over my past nor future choices. Even if I didn’t decide yet about my current possibilities.

It should only be a matter between the good choice and the even better choice.”
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