A Mexican journal of bubbles


Huatulco, Mexico – December 4, 2015

The bubbels, de bubbels, las burbujas – I’m getting confused about in which language I’m supposed to think when I want to put my thoughts on paper. If I’d known the word for a bubble in Swedish than that would mean I could get confused about a fourth language by now. I’m head over heels in love with my Swedish viking with who I speak English, even while now we are in Mexico and I speak Spanish with everyone beside him.
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Oh darling, let’s run wild together

A few years ago I was living in Kenya. Then I moved to Spain, followed by Mexico and some travel writing adventures after that as I started backpacking. Five months ago I left Italy for Greece to continue with my current job as a rep. I have been moving my strong long legs continuously around this globe over the last 9 years, but I never thought I would actually find someone to run with.

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Is your birthplace still just like you left it?


Looking for frogs with my dad back in the 90’s

On a hot summer day back in the nineties a blond girl with blue eyes was born. Growing up near the farms, where she could ride her horses, play in the forest, build tree houses and prepare herself to explore the rest of the world, she got older and more curious deciding to leave this place. After 25 years things should have changed a lot at her birthplace, but let’s find out if it actually did change.

As you might figure, that blond blue-eyed girl is me. Two days ago I walked around at my birthplace and took photos. Just to see if my memory would be shocked or not by the possible changes.
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Hey you, what’s for breakfast?


A healthy early morning breakfast can give you energy and even while a lot of people rush out the door in the morning without having anything to eat, know that skipping breakfast can make you more hungry during the rest of the day.

Personally, I cannot start the day without eating any food. If I don’t have any breakfast I will collapse after walking a bit or standing up too long. You can imagine that when I’m traveling I always have to carry some energy bars with me. Just in case I can’t find any breakfast.

I have also always been a big eater and even while every single person always asks me how I can eat this much and still remain in good shape I believe the answer is very simple: breakfast.
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