Living a nomadic lifestyle


Life as a nomad

A nomadic lifestyle gives you a lot, but just as in relationships it’s about giving and taking. Traveling for weeks, months or for a lifetime isn’t only about relaxing on tropical beaches with an ice cold beer in your hand. It might seem like paradise to some of us, but it will mean a frustrating life to others. Here are some of the characteristics of a nomadic lifestyle. more!

[Mindset] No more alcohol for this nomad


I stopped drinking alcohol. There, I said it. It’s not like I was drinking too much before, but I have plenty of reasons not to. Money + health is the main reason, but life is not just about saving money and maintaining a good health. There’s more to it that gives me plenty of reasons not to drink. more!

Positive awareness [Mindset]


Picture by Thom Mattsson

Today I woke up, had my breakfast with my boyfriend and in the afternoon we decided we’d go snowboarding. We’re living in the Dolomites for the season, so we might as well make use of the fact that we’re living in the mountains. However, as two days ago my feeling on the slopes was absolutely shitty I got worried about today’s snowboarding session. more!

A Travelers Puzzle of Love


While the snowflakes come down…

Today I woke up in a warm bed. Outside the temperatures are -10 CΒΊ and the mountain scenery is quite different compared to where I come from. Hiking up a hill is something that exhausts me because I grew up with low and flat lands. I don’t mind going down hill though, especially when there is enough snow and I can use a snowboard to do so. Staying in the Italian Dolomites lets me discover more about myself. About why the Netherlands isn’t really my thing the whole year through since right now I can be in surroundings with extreme nature. Huge mountains, snowy peaks, frozen waterfalls and lakes, curvy roads and wild foxes that take my breath away as they appear so suddenly. more!