6 reasons Berlin should be your next city break


Visit to Berlin in 2006 – Reichstag dome

Over the last few years the memories of my visit to Berlin with my dad in 2006 haven’t faded away. The great Pergamon Museum in Berlin is still the coolest museum I’ve ever seen and the city’s history alone makes a visit to Berlin a unique experience. Berlin was and still is a wonderful city trip destination with culture, history and easy access for tourists all over town. Find out more about why you should visit Berlin too through reading Ivy’s guest post.”

–  Renate

6 reasons Berlin should be your next city break

A guest post by Ivy Oliver

Germany’s capital city of Berlin is one of the most pleasant and thriving regions of the European nation. As such, it’s little surprise the city stood out as the top urban destination in the country for 2016 – welcoming as many as 31 million visitors for overnight stays.

Today, let’s run through six of the many reasons why Berlin is definitely somewhere you should consider for your next city break. If you aren’t convinced already, you soon will be.

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The Airbnb home of Casa De Los Sueños in Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I have been enjoying the homes of the Airbnb website for a couple of years now. The first time I tried it I ended up spending time with an artistic Argentinean brother and sister who made me feel at home in their beautiful wooden Airbnb house. This time I found a place to stay through Airbnb again and my boyfriend and I made it our home away in Playa del Carmen.
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5 reasons to visit a Christmas market


Last weekend was special to me. I visited my close friend Sina who lives in the Southern parts of the Netherlands very close to the German border and unfortunately we don’t get to see each other that often. Basically due to our travel bug! However, when we do find a chance to meet up we always have a splendid day and most of the times we try to go abroad together. This time I visit her at home and we do a little road trip to Aachen for a wonderful German weihnachtsmarkt experience. We walk around at the center of Aachen and see plenty of cute little Christmas stalls where lots of food and drinks are sold and not to forget the creative Christmas gifts of course.
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GLOW 2015: light in art & architecture


Last year the event of Glow blew us all away with the stunning light shows of creatures like dinosaurs, flying fish, and many other amazing ideas to do with light. This year Glow is again present in Eindhoven with a totally new exhibition. Yesterday I brought Glow a visit.
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My 5 favorite things to do in Mexico-City



I’ve already mentioned a couple of times in previous articles and on my Social Media like Facebook and Twitter how fantastic I think Mexico City is. A major city in Latin America that yet gives the tropical, warm and cozy feeling you’d only expect on the beach.

A couple of months ago I decided to explore Mexico City and with the help of a local friend, and with the love I have for Mexico letting me wander around, I discovered the best of this city.

No matter if you’re going to stay for two days or a month, I would like to show you what you can do when in town.
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Something about Mexico City


My sis and I at the Zocalo of Mexico City

Mexico has 31 states and one federal district; Mexico City, also known as Distrito Federal. Did you know that the people who were born in Mexico City are also known as Chilangos, because they eat more chiles than other Mexicans? And, do you have any idea why Mexicans call foreigners Gringos? It’s because of the green suits the Americans used to wear when they invaded Mexico, followed by the pronunciation of the Mexicans when trying to say “Green, go home!”. Get the picture?

I’d love to tell you more about this great Latin American country, so today I’ll share some things I’ve learned about Mexico City.
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Prove those people wrong about Mexico City


The city view from the Torre Latinoamericana skyscraper in downtown Mexico City

Mexico City. The place in Mexico that sinks 2cm each day. A city where you are never alone as you will always find people on the streets (standing still eating a taco, walking, talking, discussing yesterday’s ‘lucha libre’… or sleeping) and where history blows your mind from head till toe after nearly each couple of 100 meters. However, the number of shootings, rapes and other horrible things has been growing since the late 2000s and this made Mexico look like a bloody tourist destination you don’t want to go to if wishing to return back home safely.
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How to spend 24 hours in lovely Lima


The Peruvian capital

If you have ever been to Peru the chances are big you’ve been to Lima; Peru’s seaside Capital. Lima is a sparkling city with a beach, plenty of shopping malls, fancy restaurants and also a great historic center.

It’s an interesting city with plenty of amusement and enough attractions for those who have time to add Lima to their itinerary. However, the question remains: where do I need to go to if I only have a couple of hours to spend in Lima ?
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Hotspot: El Carajo Tapas Bar

Spanish tapas & Oaxacan dishes

An orange wall with natural bricks surrounding the entrance invite me to have a look at this place. “Rest-Tapas-Bar El Carajo” is written on the wall I find when I spontaneously decide to enter the place and to have a look. A lovely waiter who also appears to be the chef since he just opened his brand new restaurant, an open kitchen where I can see how my food is going to be prepared, cozy colors painted on the walls and a lot of dining space invite me to have a seat.
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The best of Rio according to Bruno Elias


About a month ago I met Bruno Elias, who is an international tour guide from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. I worked as a bike tour guide in Barcelona in 2011 and was wondering what Bruno’s point of view was on a couple of things referring to cycling through Rio. He has been working as a tour guide for 5 years and started Bike in Rio Tours because he thinks that on a bicycle you have a better perspective of the city you’re visiting. “I saw bike tours happening in all main touristic cities around the world and guessed, why not in Rio? So, for a year and a half Bike in Rio business is running, well, cycling actually!” Bruno says.
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Buggy Uggy in Pipa

Let's go for a ride on the beach

Let’s go for a ride on the beach

This was probably one of the most fun things I did in Pipa, Brazil. Going on a buggy tour!

Some people had already recommended it to me and so now it was my turn to try out this exciting tour. The receptionist of Domus Condominio, the place where I stayed, called the guy from BuggyUggy and it was soon all set for the next day. I asked two friends, a couple from France, to join me so that it would be more fun.

The next day, at about nine a.m., the buggy guide Marcão, was ready to pick me and my friends up for this day full of sun and fun.
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Hotel review La Cusinga Eco Lodge in Costa Rica


How does it sound to sleep in a wooden house where the howler monkeys and many tropical birds wake you up in the morning when it is time for a delicious breakfast? Where can you find everything around you being pure natural from a wild yet comfortable jungle pool to fabulous meals with ingredients from the garden? How does it feel to lay in a colorful hammock and watch the sun go down behind the deep blue sea?

I found all the answers to my questions at La Cusinga Eco Lodge in Costa Rica.
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Dolphin watching with Bahia Aventuras

Today started with a surprise. I could go dolphin watching! I love seeing wild animals so how on earth could I say no to this? An hour later I found myself in the office of Bahia Aventuras listening to the explanation of today’s dolphin tour.
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