My Galdhøpiggen

To the highest mountain of Northern Europe

It is quit early in the morning when I wake up. I bought some thermos underwear for today’s activity and I had worn my hiking boots before so that they would not hurt my feet today. After a brekkie we get on the bus towards Galdhøpiggen – the highest mountain of Norway, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain of Northern Europe more!

4 easy tips to make snowboarding more fun


Snowboarding is happiness

Lately I’ve been on the slopes almost every day, at least for an hour a day since I also have to do things during the day away from the slopes for my work. I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of months and I became a way better snowboarder. That’s why I want to share some snowboarding tips with you so that we can all improve our skills and rock those mountains! Snowboarding is happiness! more!

Sledging in Val Gardena [video]

It’s a brand new day today and we’re trying to figure out what we should do. The weather isn’t great for going on piste with the snowboard since it’s snowing a whole lot and the wind is amazingly strong like 90km/h. Last night I even thought my window would break while I heard the wind hitting it. more!

ÖTILLÖ – Racing from island to island


ÖTILLÖ is a Swimrun in Sweden and according to CNN it is ranked as one of the toughest endurance races in the world! Teams of two persons swim and run 75 kilometers within the surroundings of 26 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The race starts in the island Sandhamn and ends in Utö. With its unique environment and the entire mindset of the organization I got intrigued. I asked Michael Lemmel, the founder of Swimrun and Race Director of ÖTILLÖ, some questions about the entire happening. more!