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I have an iPhone 4S that needs protection and style that matches my busy traveling lifestyle.
After having looked at many sleeves and cases, I found the iPhone case from Caseable, which is a safe cover for my traveling buddy: the iPhone 4S.



I am known for being horrible with taking care of my phone, so many of my previous phones had a really short life. I really needed something to protect my iPhone from my slippery hands. The case I ordered arrived after 2 days and immediately protected my phone from scratches and from breaking – in case it would fall on the ground again.

When I ordered the case, it still had to be made. That is the way they work at Caseable so that no material gets waisted and made for nothing. All cases are hand-crafted in Brooklyn New York, and in Berlin, Germany. I really supported that system of manufacturing.

I listen to a lot of music with my earphones on the iPhone, but some covers do not make it easy to access the volume buttons. Fortunately with the Caseable case, The power entry, earphones entry and all the buttons remain visible and accessible. The entries and the buttons now have even got a tiny wall surrounding them that keeps the buttons safe from breaking off and the entries better protected against dust and dirt.

It is great that Caseable only uses recycled material and that it this environment-friendly material does not break. My Caseable case is intact, while I would have broken any other case if it were made of other material. At least with my rough hands.
Now my case is sustainable and looking good!

You can create your own unique case by uploading an image whenever you have a great idea for your own design! Since I could not choose out of my travel pictures for a customized case I figured I should check out the designs of Caseable. Their designs are really awesome and I loooved the design of a llama with a hippie camper van and some fresh, but toxic colors. Everybody notices my ‘llama’ and the image literally calls for attention.

Apply a screen protective film to your screen for even more protection of your iPhone and let your phone wear the Caseable case like I do for a good protective and fun designers look. If you are trying to find an iPhone case or any other smartphone case, or even an iPad cover, laptop sleeve, or really any other case, I would definitely recommend Caseable. I might just get a new customized laptop sleeve with one of my travel pictures when I can finally choose one. Otherwise I will stick to the awesome llama!

Details & information

Product: iPhone 4S case
Cost: €24.90
Note: I currently have the iPhone 4S Case “Llama” designed by Ali Gulec. If you cannot choose between the great designs Caseable offers, then you can upload you own!


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