While out of your comfort zone

In 2011 I was working as a guide in Barcelona with bicycle tours (CruisingBarcelona) through the city. That summer I met Annemay van den Heuvel, while she was visiting BCN with her friend. I guided her through town with the tour and we had nice conversations.

One year later I started my studies in the Netherlands and with our class we went to Barcelona for a study-trip – it had to be Barcelona?
Funny thing was, that Annemay also started the same study (in another city) and we met again during this trip.


At work as a guide in Barcelona, the group with Annemay – summer 2011

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Getting inspired at the Reiswerk Excellent Student Congress in Turkey


Last Friday we went to Amsterdam Schiphol very early (05:00am) in the morning to take-off for Antalya. The reason for this trip was to attend the Reiswerk Excellent Student Congress for 4 days with a big group of excellent university tourism students and tourism professionals.

In Antalya (turkish Riviera) we got accommodation at the 5*star Hotel Titanic Deluxe in Belek. This was an amazing stay, since we were one of the first guests at this Super Deluxe All-Inclusive hotel – the waterslides were fun assured, and the food was amazingly delicious (especially the desserts)!
But let’s get to the point, it wasn’t all about the hotel. More important were the people who attended the congress and what they had to share with us.


Students of TIO University of Applied Sciences (from left to right: Niels van der Heijden, Renate Rigters, Annemay van den Heuvel, Maggie Luiten and Edgar Fluijt)

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Guess I’ll need a new backpack

I’m still figuring out which travel gear to buy for my backpacking trip… any advise?

At this moment I have this AltaRuta65 backpack, which I bought a few years ago in Barcelona. I haven’t got a clue so far how many liters fit in this backpack…but how many liters do I actually need? Anyone?


Rare shoes

Did you ever buy any clothes or shoes abroad, thinking you’ll never find anyone back home with the same handmade local fashion?

Well, half a year ago I went to Kuala Lumpur and I visited a place named Central Market. There I bought these beautiful Indian sandals of which I thought I wouldn’t find other Dutchies wearing them as well.

This weekend I was in Belek, Turkey where I met a Dutch girl, Petra Horsch, who asked me if I bought my ‘rare shoes’ in Kuala Lumpur…


… Whoops!