The Kalmar Castle – Back in time in Sweden

A guided tour in Kalmar Castle ‘Are you here for the English tour?’ A young man asked us as he shook our hands and then led us to the first royal room of the Castle. It was a place I had wanted to learn about for the last two years. During my previous visits to […]

On the road to Sweden #ItTakesTwo [video]

We drove from the Netherlands through Germany and Denmark to reach Sweden! It took us 13 hours in total and about 240 euros to do this.

Kanaberg – A rocky outdoor adventure in Sweden

A mysterious place that has been the shelter for thieves and robbers, which simultaneously invites to great adventure and discovery Kanaberg, literally translated as the Cana Mountains, is an impressive sight of giant boulders that you encounter in the forest of Swedish Småland.

Cabin Porn in Sweden

The lost islands of Stockholm Utö is one of the largest islands in the southern Stockholm archipelago (which I wrote about before), with an exciting and interesting history, which began during the early mining days around 1100. You can stay at the comfortable Utö Vardhus Hotel if you’re interested in exploring the island and its […]