7 reasons why you should never date a Brazilian


What in the world are they feeding people in Brazil? How else is it possible that everyone over there in the land of Carnival is gorgeous? Now let’s focus on those handsome Brazilian hunks and why you should stop meeting their pretty eyes.

Here are 7 reasons why you should never date a Brazilian.

1. He wants to be ‘carinhoso’ with you in public

The direct translation for the Brazilian word ‘carinhoso’ is affectionate. He wants to be sweet with you in front of everyone in public and he knows no shame to kissing you passionately in front of friends and family.

2. He comes from a macho society

Throw away your comfortable jeans, the way-to-big T-shirts and all of your other manly kind of clothes. Be ready to wear dresses and to fix your hair, because he wants the most pretty lady out there and most likely he’s proud to call you his and he will show you off when you’re in public.

3. He is one of a few

There are more women than men in Brazil, so prepare to get some jealous eyes thrown at you by the pretty Brazilians as you just took away one of their handsome guys!

4. He will be flattering

‘voce é muito linda’, meaning you are very beautiful, can be in your daily piece of compliments when you’re dating a Brazilian. He knows exactly how to make you feel special and he simply can’t help doing so. You will end up getting used to it and start missing the outrageous flattery once you’re not getting it anymore. If later on you decide to give the ‘colder men’ a chance, forget about feeling special again once you’ve dated a Brazilian!

 5. He’ll expect you to cook for him

You have to become a pro at making pão de queijo and feijoada for your guy! Think about those long hours of learning to prepare Brazilians dishes in the hot kitchen…

6. You have to choose your favorite Brazilian city or else…

You simply cannot love both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

7. He will not hesitate on the dance floor

You’re dating a guy from the land of samba, so expect lots and lots of dancing. You better have some rhythm or your Brazilian love will teach you all those dances with the passion he has and you cannot fail. The last thing you want is that you make a fool out of yourself on the dance floor, so better do it together and, um ladies, let the guy lead!

Oh, and um, he can’t help being so much fun.

Did you ever date a Brazilian guy? Please do share your comments!

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Ever since I left my home country I felt at home at any other place I went to. I enjoy getting to know more cultures by talking to strangers and hearing their philosophy about life. Speaking with gestures when you can not find a shared language, finding places only the locals go to and learn about their customs and values. Hanging out with local people makes me happy. The experience of every new place is a step out of your comfort zone where I like to wander around until it feels like a second home.
213 Comments on “7 reasons why you should never date a Brazilian
      • Im Brazilian but im cold type personality like New Yorkers.. I love Brazil but I prefer more Independent, than just lay off.. I work hard cox I have no other choice.. Money and career is the only important thing to me. I don’t believe in marriage either, I was born to a broken family, so I just basically by myself, although I have friends here in America, but there so fake.. maybe bcox im Brazilian man.. but I dont like meeting people at all. Just one night stand only, then bye.. None of these stereotypes are valid to me anymore, except yes im good looking but I say NOTHING..

        • Sorry to hear that Fernando… as being an American woman I do see how fake people can be and it drives me nuts so my friends list is very small. I just wish that if u r friends then loyalty will mean something.

        • True!!! Brazilian Men think about money, there not affectionate. It’s like they need to prove themselves competition is the word.

          • Hi, U r totally wrong generalizing,
            Believe or not, i don’t give s… about status, expensive clothes, high society or something like that. I just wanted a humble, caring lady to get older together. When u to generalize you’ll being ignorant. Many people around the world are waiting for just one opportunity to get happy.

        • Oh, my heart aches for you. Six years ago I set eyes on the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Then one day, we were both late to class. I had no idea his heart could be equally beautiful. He was had a difficult life and was raised by a sweet mother and sisters. Sweeten up, guys. It is everything. 😍👀👅

    • I totally agree. The first date felt like we’ve been together forever. He is very passionate, affectionate and will do anything for me. No matter what I say and do and he doesn’t want me to cook he want to take over my kitchen when he come by. He lives 45 minutes away without traffic but he make ne feel like I live right down the street.

    • I recently met a Brazilian man online..haha found this article to be cute! Although I haven’t physically met him, he compliments me a lot. Not sure what will happen, if anything at all, but Brazil is a country I’ve always wanted to visit. Planning on a late winter/early spring trip!

      • It’s comprehensive what you guys hear bad things about Brazil. Yes we’ve lots problems over here. But, i tell you, We’re the only one country that love to welcome people around the world. And think about, No one is the same, every country it exist good and bad people. I went in U.S in 2005 and i saw many people different, good and bad guys so! let’s enjoy the life, to make friends around the world and to be happy, our time in the earth it’s too short. so!!!

        • I agree with you completely. I am curious and read this site for have met a half Brazilian wonderful man online and he’s only visited Brazil in his, life but has that gorgeous complexion. We’re quite serious about each other so wish us luck..

        • Netto, I agree 100% with you. I lived in Brazil on and off for 4 years. Some of the best years of my life. When I’d come back to the States I always knew I was here bc even at the airports people were rude and fake. The poorest of families taught me more about real life in Brazil than anyone has in the USA. Vi con Deus!

          • Hi Tracy, it’s sounds amazing to hear it.
            I’m so proud of ya. Every American needed to live in poor country just like ya for few months to respect our suffered reality with government, violence and others things and to get a humble attitude.

  1. Hello, I am Brasileiro, and also a man, just want to make something clear about the second, we are not so concerned about being woman being “well dressed” and stuff, it is true, however that I(and most guys I know) like to see the girl i’m with “looking good”, but if we invited you out or told you that your beaultiful we meant and we will find your gorgeous 24/7.
    And yes, you have to choose between SP & RJ(just a tip, carnaval carioca is way better).
    Ah, also, I felt quite flaterred by this text!
    Grande beijo!

    • Hi Jorge, thank you for your comment. Of course there is a lot of jokes in this post, but it’s nice to hear that you can actually recognize some things 🙂 Great to hear you love Carioca carnival by the way 😀 I spend last year there in February/March and it was great! Grande beijo back to you!

    • Carioca is always better than anything SP!

      And I agree, even waking in the morning with no makeup, I was always complimented and stared at with adoring eyes. I never felt pressure to put a dress on or do my makeup. When I did, I wanted to and it was fun. 🙂

      • RJ is more beautiful, but SP is more secure. And in SP money circulates. Its better to live in SP and travel to RJ twice as year, least, to see some amazing beaches

  2. My boyfriend is from the county in Brazil. #1 and #4 are my hunny. But the rest is not accurate. He cant dance (he was a muai tai fighter) he doesnt care about superficial things and the dresses…hmm he just like to take them off lol. He loves his country but is more concerned about the corruption within it politcal structure. If they want to be with you they are up front about. There is soooo much more it just seems like this is more of a fluff piece than anything.

    • Hi Sam, thank you for sharing your opinion. I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post and I just try to make certain things a bit sarcastic as I actually truly love the Brazilian culture myself. Nice to hear though that you recognize #1 and #4, I heard that earlier from other readers as well. It’s a bit sad for me to hear you think this is a fluff piece, which sounds pretty bad to my ears. I simply tried to make it a fun piece, with nothing personal nor serious, but I definitely didn’t mean to offend anyone with it. Hope you still enjoyed reading this post and of course I wish you and your Brazilian boyfriend all the best for the future 🙂 Happy travels!

  3. LOL it is a very good text, i laugh a lot with.
    Im from Brasil (in portuguese S no Z) hahaha
    Excluding a bit of exaggeration the post is very truth and funny.
    I feel flattered about the post and thank u for appreciation.
    And girls, don’t try resist us, because we are irresistible, surrender yourself and run to found your brazilian man.(joking) LOL LOL!!
    And if you are asking for herself, wow that guy is single and open to meeting, yes i’m, come running to find me. (joking again) hahahaha
    So to finish in portuguese, the language of romantic poets, to end my comment.
    Adorei o texto, é muito divertido, muito bom trabalho Renate.
    Um grande beijo para você.

  4. Don’t ever trust a Brazilian who doesn’t know how to cook or dance.

    It’s ok to love Rio, I do too, it’s a gorgeous place but let’s be honest, paulistas are more fun 😉

  5. Hi, what’s up? I’m Wendel, from Brazil. Great text. Something funny, another true and another not to much. Maybe all Brazilians are so happy people. The facts #1, #3 and #4 its the most true possible. #1 What is wrong in kiss who i love in public? I’m kissing because i want, not to the people watch it. If we love someone, we will show it. #3 We have amazing hot girls and handsome guys. Men and Women looking like German, Italian, French, Americans… Our people is the best in we can find in world. hahaha < this mean than i'm smiling. The fact #4 its almost the same of number #1. If we love someone, we will do ANYTHING to them. We will hug, kiss, say "i love you" (when its true love) maybe 2 or 4 times in one day… Why not? What is the problem in be romantic, lover, friend and give all you to someone? This is so beautiful. hahaha 😀

    Forgive me about my bad English, i jus tried translate my feellings to everyone. Nice to meet all of you.

    My e-mail: wendelotome@gmail.com
    Instagram: @wendelotome
    Facebook: Wendel Tomé
    Snapchat: wendeltome

    If someone want chat, call me.

    • Hi Wendel, I just saw your latest message and I think it belongs to the same message 🙂 Thank you for the compliment. I totally agree with you. It’s beautiful how the Brazilian culture works, but it’s funny to see how other cultures react on it as I was talking about it 🙂 Thanks for your info! Beijo!

    • Hi Samuel,

      I hope you can understand that I wrote this post with light humor on things that you should consider flattering as many people think it actually is very nice that Brazilians are like that. I don’t mean to offend anyone and I appreciate you expressing your opinion. Thank you.

      Happy Travels, Renate

  6. Ann who the hell told you that we all brazillians like samba?! I am not giving shit for samba,seriously 20% of brazillian people like samba not being racist but the people who like samba should be poor. In Brazil nobody dances

  7. That is actually true. But I love spending time with my brazilian. Because of him I started to learn his mother language, learnt how to prepare churrasco, brigadeiros, feijoada and of course pão de queijo, because he is Mineiro, this is traditionally his favourite kind of food. For now I can surely say that I know many things about Sampa, os brasileiros, culture and all this stuff, it is really important to me.
    Finally, I can say, that brazilians are very straightforward, sometimes obsessive and easy-going people. For example, before the kiss meu namorado said one phrase, like: “Don’t be shy, deixa todo mundo no Sampa e Rio sabe sobre nós dois!” (that moment we were already namorar but I did not like the idea of showing our feelings.
    And I found out that brazilians want everything to be fast and it is quite amusing to look on the methods of wooing, but the guys are “muito inquietaçãos”. Hm, and I should definitely say a few words about the “beijo brasileiro”, it is something different I have ever felt…

    says a girl from Russia.

  8. well , of course there so many brazilian guys just like the post says, hahaha. im not like these types but i recognize a lot of then in here..
    sorry if my english was bad haha.sincerely a guy from brazil– hey if you want to chat me , i always looking for a girl from other country to pratice my english haha just text me up by whatsapp +5516992006390

  9. I have the hots for Brazilian men! My goodness are they so gorgeous!!! This was a fun read. Hope to visit there one day! 😊

  10. Brazilian guys are nice only to foreing girls. If you’re chubby, forget it! They’re totally superficial. And, in my opinion, they’re not good looking at all…

  11. Not all Brazilians are this way. But in general it is true.
    I as a Brazilian hate samba lol.
    Brazil is not only São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, there are a lot of places that we can visit such amazon, pantanal,Cataratas do Iguaçu, Serras gaúchas, etc. There are beautiful places in countryside.

  12. Hahah😄 I am Brazilian and this is very accurate , we are very warm , happy , loving people … Most of us love to party and dance … And we love our rich culinary … So to date us you need to learn how to cook … A well fed man is a happy man …
    We love to have a beautiful girl next to us ,so we can show off for sure … A beautiful girl well dressed becomes stunning , so that’s a plus ..we love curves so …. Yes forget about your loose jeans and big shirts 😄😄😄..But don’t forget we will hug you , kiss you , hold your hands as say your beautiful on daily basis … So I am sure … Once u go Brazilian will not gonna want to go back ☺️

    • My daughter (English) has fallen for a Brazilian guy. He tells her that it is ok for him to look at other girls and ‘like’ them on facebook because it is the culture. Told her she was crazy when she complained. Also it is not ok for her to look at or be looked at by other men according to him. How many more things will he just put down to ‘culture’? He won’t learn English even though she is an English teacher and has a very poor standard of education. I am scared I will lose her to this guy. She’s starting to feel she has to pay for him as he has little money and no prospects. He does cook though and makes her feel protected outside because of his ‘muscles’. Apart from that he’s a beach dude who works in a coffee shop. She has low self-esteem despite having a degree, solid work ethic, earning power and the courage to travel the world independently. What am I to do? PS she is also a beauty.

      • It is typical for womanizers to blame and use the culture to excuse themselves. Obviously he had the double standard that he can do something she doesn’t like yet she can’t do the same. My ex bf, who is from Brazil did the same; I can’t see other guys while he can and is not ready to settle in relationship with me. I am glad he’s not around because if I stayed any longer, I’d be feeling very isolated with this double standard control method ( that way I would feel the need to attach to him more), and lose my self esteem. Please allow your daughter to have her own time and boundary. If anyone is feeling low self esteem in relationship, it is time to go. Let her know she deserves better!!

        • Thank you Nicola. I keep telling her that she deserves better, but she thinks she’ll never meet anyone else, certainly not someone who is so attentive and nice to her. Also she feels sorry for him and thinks she should help him out financially, encourage him to finish his education (high school). I said he will only go back to school if he wants to. While she talks Portuguese well (has been to classes to learn), he has no inclination to learn her language, so there is another problem beside the cultural clash. I told her yesterday that she is living in an unreal situation, a kind of fantasy island, and needs to come home to think things through. Also she wants to do more travelling but feels guilty leaving him. He doesn’t want her to go off trekking in case she looks at other men! He can’t go with her because he has no money. I am keeping the communication going and she is listening to my plain speaking at least. I said she needs to ‘break the spell’ she seems to be under and reminded her of all her achievements so far and her ability to be an independent and brave woman. And that there are nice guys out there who would respect her. Other people say I should trust her judgement, but she is quite new to this game … Thanks again for your reply; it is helpful.

      • Hi, Anne, how are you? Tell me what Brazilian city this boy is, I am a police officer in the city of Salvador, Bahia, and for years since I was young I see some guys like these who see in women from outside the country an option to get money and goods, “flirting” Even with more than one at the same time, I sincerely apologize to my compatriots, but I believe these guys exist all over the world. If you need help – Since I know police from other states as well – I am at your disposal.

        • Hi Israel, I thank you for your concern and offer of help. It is a worry for me being so far away from my daughter. I will think about your suggestion and let you know. Thank you again.

      • Miss Anne you don’t know anything about Brazilian culture. You just found someone without education. Never jugde us, our real culture, just because one asshole makes you sad. I was poor someday and i worked so freakin’ much to be someone and respect every nation in this world. Bad and good people exists every nation, places, never generalize and be humble.

  13. This all is very helpful. I have a date with a Brazilian guy I met on Tinder – I’m Spanish and Italian – I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous — He is definatally super sexy and any tips for my first date on what to not do or what to do — 🙂

  14. hello, I am Brazilian and my opinion about it is: it is relative, these guidelines describe a guy very very very boring! I love the style of American, I feel shame kisses in public, hate carnival, not dance samba, love electronic music and rock, then it depends on the person.

  15. I have recently met a Brazilian man on line and thus far we have only talked via phone and sent a few pictures back and forth. This man is incredible and I am so flattered at the way he makes me feel and I haven’t even seen him in person yet. That is what has led me here! I am American and completely agree with the description about the game player American men. But not here to judge…. I have not dated a Brazilian man before , nor have I met any. Is it normal for him to already express such strong emotions after only 2 weeks? (He is incredibly sexy by the way). Any advice would be great!!! Thanks for the post as well. It was very helpful!

  16. I`m born and raise in Sao paulo hahahahi love Rio and for be honest its all true (i like cook! ) hahahah maybe that`s the reason i can find a Girlfriend hahahai`m too much Carinhoso and flattering… hey girls give me a chance hahahahahahahh

  17. Hi Renate, Nice post, but…
    Some things are True, but others don’t. The #2 and #4 are little bit True, kk. Do you know that the most part of Brazilians don’t enjoy carnaval? This and much others things are showed in a wrong way for the world. Like the wild Forest with native indians all around or… the favelas. I, specially (and amost all my friends) didnt never like to dance… Just at partys of course, kkk. Its funny read what others cultures think about… I should probably do the same.
    Oh! Im forget to say,
    Nossa! Você é muito linda!!

  18. After this text, I think I’m not ready to date a Brazilian. But, wait, I’m Brazilian and I’m dating a Brazilian guy. I doesn’t cook for him and he doesn’t care that I’m always wearing pajamas. Relax girls, everyone is unique.

  19. I am a Brazilian man. No, you don’t need choose Rio or São Paulo, I love both. But yes, a Brazilian man enjoys you cook for him. All Brazilian loves to dance? No, of course. There are many shy people in Brazil. If you are pretty, yes, we will like introduce you for everybody, cause Brazil is the most vain country in the world.

  20. Well, I think you never meet a brazilian man before, you just dating with brazilians boys, there are a lot of difference between Men and Boys!

  21. Thats Offensive… Omg , I’m brazilian and this are our country and our way to deal with dates or a woman , but you need to have the clear mind to a totally different experience , because thats not your country , thats not your education base or a relationship base from the other countries , if you think like that your not prepared to deal not just with the brazilians , but with any other country different from yours … Think in that … We’re not Americans or British , dont expect us like that…. 😡

  22. This not true. There are a lot of guys like this around the world not just in Brazil.
    You can love São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
    Most of Brazilian guys don’t know how to dance sampa.
    Brazil doesn’t have “macho” sociaty, actually, most cases of sexual molestations women will not caused by Brazilians but for foreigners.
    Thats so offensive… If you are going to talk about a culture you should know it first. You are ethnocentric.

    • Hi anonymous,
      This post is created in a funny and even flattering way to look at differences that for some might be recognizable. It’s not meant to be offensive or for you to name me ethnocentric.
      I hope you can find a chance to read it again with a different mindset.
      Happy travels, Renate

      • Hi Renate,
        Im a 10 years old brazilian girl. I am sorry for calling ethnocentric, I didnt mean to offend you, I sorry. I am just saying you are helping to creat a single history. I was doing my history homework yesterday about Brazil single history and brazilians’ stereotype. And a typed on Google Images and after 10 photos theres a photo with a link, which takes you to a site where you can find reasons to not date a brazilian. So imagine if someone who doente know anything about my country, go to google and make the same search as me, this person would think that brazilians are male chauvinist and they think that everone need to know how to dance samba and Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are enemys. I am sorry I didn’t realize that we were should to think that was funny. And again I didn’t want to offend you. I really think you must be a good person, sorry again.

  23. Hi Renate,
    It is me again, i am so sorry for bothering you again. But i am not here ti say bad things. I actualy I saw the rest of your blog and I liked, but I want to make a suggestan. You could change the name of this post to “7 reason why you shouln’t date a brazilian” because I thing NEVER is to strong, and we are nice, brazilians are cool, you should meet one

  24. I’ve dated several Brazilian men and one of them was a long-term boyfriend. (he was amazing! – it was religion that kept us from continuing, otherwise, I’m almost certain we would have married). All of these men were wonderful and they were all different. One of them displayed very few of the characteristics on this list, while the other 2 displayed more.

    And, honestly, I really would LOVE to date another Brazilian man! 😉

  25. I have been dating a Brazilian man for about a month now and I band to say I’m incredibly impressed. I’ve always been attracted to Brazilians and Latin guys because of the romance! He’s so sweet, loving, affectionate, and really makes me feel wanted and loved. He tells me I’m beautiful every day. 🙂

    He’s sexy and romantic and passionate. He’s making me Brazilian food tonight. 😉 I feel very lucky and defintely feel that (as a Canadian) American and Canadian guys can be cold. I don’t know how many times I’ve given up on them thinking they aren’t into me just because they can’t express their feelings! They should take pointers from Brazilian guys!

  26. had ‘m a Brazilian man , I was born in a macho society . you’re right. but I’m not male chauvinist
    , do not expect a girl to cook for me, and also do not expect that it always dresses and things like that, those are choices girl. I also will never kiss a girl in public if I know that in her culture is different . and also I will not say it to learn samba , to be honest I do not know sambar and also do not really like it.generalizing , maybe you’re right , but this is just stereotyping! by the way, you are beautiful hahaha 🙂

  27. I’m from Brazil and:
    I don’t dance and I like to cook by myself;
    yes, there are more women then men here but if it is a problem to you, maybe you are a little bit insecure;
    yes we “carinhosos” or affectionate and it is very nice here.
    But the most important: YES, we know exactly how to make you feel special (and we are proud of it)!
    And NO, NOOO, NOOOOOO… Neymar isn’t handsome! And he doesn’t know how to dance!:)

  28. Great list! However, as a brazilian man myself, I must exclude numbers 2 and 5. Actually I love women that wear casual clothes and no make up at all (A nice perfume on its own will definitely do the trick). As for cooking, I have a passion for it, so just let me do the honors at the kitchen. 😉

  29. Hehehehe, I must admit that I’ve never understood why foreigners (Specially North Americans and Europeans) are so ashamed or uncomfortable with public displays of affection? Perhaps is just part of the agree to disagree cultural difference. As for #4, how can that flattery be that bad? Actually is more like a compliments issue I believe… Both my wife and I wanna say 75% of women I met in America get so zoned out/ no idea of how to react once a simple comment is made like: “Nice looking nails!” or “I really like your hair do.” In my 34 years of life I have never met a single woman that dislikes that.

  30. Hi
    I found brazil guys are sexy plus so nice and kind….also they always type ;hahahaha…;
    haha….😄 so lovely…
    so im waiting till my brazilian crush ask out me…n im working on it..
    And id like to know..are they like dark skin girls ?

  31. Nice post! Haha
    I dont like dancing and i prefer to cook for my gf, but I m really flattering cuz I love making her to feel loved 🙂

  32. So i met this brazilian guy yesterday in a club in Paris … he was oooff …we were just kissin and hugging … he’s so warm and expressive … So i confirm the 1 and 4, maybe 2 (he told me the same thing as the guy in the picture (lol)… and it’s a little too good to be true … And i don’t feel right with things that are too good to be true …

  33. Hello there. I’m Brazilian, but not the typical one. Google “Brazilian men” images and see why so many women get amazed by those hot men.
    I do cook, I’m not jealous and I don’t “force” any girl to dress for me. But that’s the catch: Brazilian women expect me to be like this. For example, sharing the bill is a taboo, Brazilian women never do that.
    The thing is that both Brazilians man and woman are machists.

  34. Hello Renate.

    Thanks for the fun article.

    I’m Brazilian, from the State of Minas Gerais.

    In the year 2015 I traveled to the United States to do a year of internship in agronomic engineering.

    And my customs made me feel a little embarrassed, lol

    In my region it is common to greet women with a kiss on the face, and I automatically did it with my boss’s niece, the girl came in shock, kkkkkk, as my boss has already come several times to Brazil, he explained the custom to his niece , And everything was fine, and we all laughed a lot.

    As said in several comments, the behavior of men change greatly from state to state.

    Even in Brazil, the people of Minas Gerais are known as those who receive and treat people better.

    Pão de Queijo is from Minas Gerais ;D

    Probably for every place you visit, you will be invited to talk and eat, everyone really cares if you are being welcomed and feeling good.

    This is valid for all people, from Brazil itself, and for the rest of the world.

    It is common for me to stop my world if my girlfriend needs my help, I do not care how she dresses, whether she has money or not, I care to say every day that I love her, because without her, my Heart does not hit right.

    Oh, and she does not even know how to fry an egg, I’m the cook here, and I love cooking.

    Thanks for the post, I really liked it.

  35. Hi Renate! I´m Brazilian and I agree 80%!!!!! I never had a boyfriend who expected me to cook, I love to dress sexy, but no too much. Never had a boyfriend complaining about my way to dress. But I think it´s great for Brazilian men to read what you wrote, so they can read what foreign women think about then.
    Great post!!!!!

  36. I am truly curious to know what kind of man would be ideal in your opinion, or if you have any reason, at last, to have a relationship with a Brazilian? Sorry for this question…

  37. I had a long relationship and have a child with a Brazilian man. A few of these points are true in his case but unfortunately I picked an evil chauvinist who preferred to lie and cheat. He has so much love and respect for his mother but he abuses the mother of his own child.


    I have met a lot of Brazilian people through him and I’m glad to say they are so fun and warm. Vibrant and a pleasure to be around. He hasn’t put me off meeting a GOOD Brazilian man 🙂

  38. Haha, I really dont like brazilian guys. I dont know, they just seen so shallow and body obsessed, without No depth(the ones Ive met) . I like more artistic and mysterious guys.

    • I think all women like to be told they are beautiful. What turns me off is that, I wasn’t only one to receive that compliment.. they literally say to everyone they meet.

  39. Hello,
    Sara, in almost every culture there are people with obssection about their body, and people that are not. Here in brazil, it may depends in what city hi, or her was born. For the people that was born in RIO, they are more likely to have this kind of concern, because RIO its a beach City, everyone see each other with bath suits on the beach, so they try harder to look good and stuffs.
    We can not generalize one entire country. People are different.
    Maybe you are meeting brazilian guys in the wrong place.

  40. I have dated a Brazilian guy recently. He was very friendly, sweet and affectionate. Of course, he was also handsome😊 I instantly fell in love with him, needless to say! Well, however, the honeymoon was ended pretty quickly. Once he knew I was “his”, he became distant😢 He also had this double standard that I should not be seeing other guys while he doesn’t want to promise relationship with me.. He doesn’t text or call unlike the beginning, and his excuse was “I don’t even call my mom everyday”. What had happened to this man?? I just don’t get it. Most American guys I’ve dated usually had the explanation about what they want and where we stand in the relationship. The title of this article grabbed my attention because this Brazilian man had pushed me into this confusion 😥😣

  41. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkk
    That was certainly the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I am a brazilian girl, and date a brazilian boy, and please 😂😂 they are not like that, Of courseeee all the coutries has some stuped guys, but please, you never need to choice between Rio and São Paulo, we like the both, and came on not every Brazilian knows how to dance, let alone sambar, he would never ask you to learn or leave you for that, and cook? Really??? Nobody eat pão de queijo and feijoada always.

    You really need to date a brazilian guy, my boyfriend loves my independence and he gave me pants and jeans in the Christmas, I almost never use dress and he like to much jeans

  42. Love this article. I visited RIO in January of this year, traveling with my Brazilian boyfriend. I am an American man. The country is absolutely beautiful. The people male and female are not only friendly, but truly beautiful inside and out. The land, weather, people, music, food & drink just awesome. Much of what this article states holds true even for a man to man relationship. I do say I have ended up cooking a lot, even brazilian dishes. I can out dance him any day. He has some moves but I would not say not the greatest dancer. I do also find that what he loves he holds very close to him and right now that’s me. He is attentive, protective, and always kind to me. I am planning another visit in the Spring of 2017. Love Brazil and it’s people! Tchau!

  43. I loved your article!
    It was so funny and true !
    I started talking to a really handsome Brazilian guy and he told me he liked me at the first time we talked! I was so amazed but when i read comments and post ! I understand what’s going on ! He keeps telling me you’re beautiful sexy and things like that but im a really shy girl who never accepted a guy !
    Well i know i look ok and i will find a cute guy if i want to but he is so good to be true and he keeps asking for kiss ! Haha omg if it was anyone else I would have slapped him in the face but I don’t know why I can’t do the same with him hahaha
    Well i hope it will end up fine.
    And it really helped me thanks!

  44. Im a brazilian girl and I was searching about what the ‘gringas’ say about brazilian guys, then I found your text.
    #1, #3 and #4 are totally real, and that is really funny how everybody notice that.

    A tip for who are dating a brazilian: take care! People really tend to be womanizers here (both man and woman – I dont know the correct term to use for women)

    Buuut.. It’s a fact, after dating a brazilian man, you will never forget him <3

    ( obs: don't worry about cooking, they will try to impress you trying to cook for you.. Even if they don't know how to cook. And you can totally use manly shirt, specially if it is his. They go crazy )

    Thanks for the text! <3

  45. Well, talk that way in general about brazilians is hard because Brazil is a huge country bigger than almost every country in europe, so assuming that, we have a lot of different cultures together, you speak about brazilians but yeah i underestand you have a vision of a foreign who just know São Paulo and Rio ok is the most turistics cities but Brazil have to be judged on cultures by region not by the country itself because the difference is abismal South, Southeast, Center, North, Northeast, Northwest all differents.
    You have the region that you are talking about the Center or Southeast of Brazil so you mention Samba, dances like that and stuff but obviously didnt know the South Brazil i think you never heard about “Gaúchos” from Rio Grande do Sul near Argentina we do not are so much into Samba, dont like São Paulo only if we want to sleep on that horrible traffic hehehe well Rio its a city with a beautiful beach and stuff but if you dont wanna see Favelas be stealed or suffer some violence like the “arrastão” that happens even in the Ipanema you dont wanna go there :/.
    South Brazilian people Gaúchos are not like this stereotipe of brazilian because of that we are a little bit discriminated here called of Argentinians or that we have complex of european so almost every brazilian say “Go back to europe, separate from Brazil go live in Argentina your racists, wich is not true” ;/ actually our culture is more “Castellana” like Argentina and Uruguay and the people mostly imigrants from europe German (my case) and Italian mostly but yeah we are on the territory of Brazil so we are brazilians too maybe the people here is a little bit colder than this stereotipe but not so much maybe we are more balanced on that i think, not too cold and not too much like Yeah lets put our “Bumbum” on the floor and dance hehe you understand bumbum right?
    In conclusion, im not offended at all, but for a country with so much different cultures you can’t judge the people here like the same even on average because you judge just people from the Southeast of Brazil SP an RJ the smallest region 2 cities and we are much more than that, so i think we Gaúchos are a little bit harmed with that when know some foreign girl hehehe :D, but in the end is a good and funny post i just want to point that out.
    PS: Sorry about my poor english, kisses 😉 (Oh damm you right we kiss in the first meet :p rsrsrs)

  46. Hi, thank you for posting this article.
    It is really true about almost everything wrote here and I’m impressive that you foreigns like.
    I wasn’t viewing our qualities because I’m Brazilian and I date a Brazilian girl and our girls just don’t care about those qualities because they are used to it.
    But now viewing from a person ‘outside’ the box, makes me feel nice :).
    Thanks Renate.

    Learn some Portuguese today (translation):
    Oi, muito obrigado por postar este artigo.
    É realmente verdade acerca de quase tudo escrito aqui e estou impressionado que vocês estrangeiros gostem.
    Eu não estava vendo nossas qualidades porque sou Brasileiro e namoro uma mulher Brasileira e nossas mulheres simplesmente não se importam com essas qualidades porque já estão acostumadas com isso.
    Mas agora vendo pelo de uma pessoa ‘fora’ da caixa, me faz sentir legal. 🙂
    Obrigado Renate.

  47. I’m Lmao. That’s all true, and brazilian guys get offended really easily though, I was expecting more mean comments from them. The funny thing is, this article defined most of the guys I know, but it didn’t defined me at all, I never kiss in front of people, I’m not this “macho man”, I don’t even care about girl’s clothes, or hair, or anything, if the girl are confortable works really well for me, I like to cooking and when I don’t want to, having some pizza is just fine, I don’t even know how to dancing, I don’t like samba, or soccer, or carnaval and I’m saving all my money to get out of here because I don’t fit in here at all LoL. Such a grait article, thanks for making me leagh, my day was awfull. And I’m a brazilian guy if it wasn’t clear so far hahaha

  48. Hahah, loved your text, Re!!

    Here’s my thinking:

    #1. Totally True: even our brazilian women feel surprised with such ways;
    #2. Not So True: we like to be and go out with a well-dressed woman in public, but as we are used to see good-looking women on the streets or on local tv very often, we love when we wake up with a chick walking through the bedroom wearing just a large and old t-shirt (of ours) and panty, no make-up or tidy hair, all natural;
    #3. Not So True: generally brazilian men end up being more jealous with our beauties because we are very competitive;
    #4. Totally True: we have warm hearts that pumps when we see a gorgeous woman, and the only way to even the pressure is by telling her how we feel, everytime;
    #5. True/Not True: depends on the case, many guys still expect their girl to cook for them, but as the ages changes, many of us now have to learn it, while other girls make no idea of how to cook;
    #6. Sarcastically True: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo sometimes are like North and South Korea (hahaha, kiddin’). Actually there is just small and healthy rivalry;
    7#. Not Aways True: our women are more likely to dance, many of us (men) only dance when drunk!! XD

    Hope you have enjoyied; I did. Você é muito bela, beijos!! hahahah

  49. I was surfing the internet and found your blog. I’m Brazilian and wanted to explain something, yes we can, live in a macho country but not for that the boyfriends oblige their girlfriends to leave their comfortable jeans and their big blouses, and one more thing, we do not have to know how to make cheese bread And feijoada, because not all Brazilians know how to do it. I apologize if I looked thick, I just wanted to make these things clear, because the brasieliros are a little bit of everything on the list, but they do not exaggerate so much. Xoxo

  50. Hello. I am a brazilian woman. I lived in Brazil for 36 years and there are 2 possibilities for you : or you met a bad man, or you went out of at least 30 men , to write about it. I hope that you don’t really know about man in Brazil. We brazilian like to kiss, hug, and we have a lot of affection. Because we are human, we like to love and beloved. Well loved. If you don’t like to kiss, to hug and recieve affection, is better you look for a pscicologist. Why is wrong to recieve affection in front of others? Is not sex! The nasty thought is in your HEAD. Not in ours. Why a mother can give affection, kiss and hug in her child and an adult can’t do that with another? Hey…we like to be well dressed to go out. Who don’t like to take care ? We like to dance. Is our culture. And not everybody like samba. Why dance is a bad thing? You are boring woman. No man in all world will like the way you think. And if someone (man or woman) is beautiful, why we can say it? Is true ! They can be gourgeous. That’s reality. But we are not desiring them. It is just beaty! Why somenone can’t talk or see beauty? You are weird.

  51. Oi, eu sou brasileiro!
    Hi, I am brazilian!

    Eu estou procurando por pessoas que falem inglês e que possam me ajudar na minha aprendizagem. Eu realmente gosto de fazer novos amigos e estou aberto a novas oportunidades. Quem quiser me conhecer melhor pode entrar em contato comigo no Facebook, será um prazer para mim ter esse intercâmbio cultural.

    Eu também tenho WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

    Obrigado 😉

    Vitor Livingstone (livingbarross)

    I am looking for people who speak English and that can help me in my learning. I really like to make new friends and I’m open to new opportunities. Anyone who wants to know me better can contact me on Facebook, it will be a pleasure for me to have this cultural exchange.

    I also have WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

    Thanks 😉

    Vitor Livingstone (livingbarross)

  52. Oh man… here we go again…

    1) Yes. And what’s the problem? It’s a crime you show how much you love and care about the person? Maybe because that we can see so much Americans/Europeans depressed and unhappy in a “closed” relationship. I love public demonstration of affection. BUT… this can be easily solved saying “Baby i feel embarassed…” problem solved.

    2) Hummm depends. Depends the person. I don’t see any issue the fact the girl not be alway’s well dressed “like a princess”. In general the girls here in Brazil dresses very well. But if im with a Girl it’s because I WANT right? No matter if she don’t like to dess well. I ask now: do you want a guy don’t take shower, let the beard grow, and walk like a homeless?

    3) Bullshit. This dosen’t make any difference. I think here have a few % more women only nothing major, and even if had, dosen’t mean will hav 2 girsl for 1 guy wanted him Desperately.

    4) Very true! We are raised to “hunt”, but it’s not a rule, have a lot of type of guys here (shy, direct, flirting, etc). Persnally IM use to do that ONLY when im single. When im commited i NEVER do that, and to be honest i wanted girls here had to be more straigh foward and independent like Americans, if they want a guy go to him and talk to him…

    5) Wtf??? We are in 2017 not in 1800. To be honest i would not feel good to know my wife/girlfriend is cooking for me, minimum i would help her. This poit was the most ridicoulous.

    6) Another Bullshit. Who only cares abour Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, are Foreign. I don’t mind about, whatever…

    7) Hahaha c’mon… Not alway’s truth, here we have over 200.000 million people, depends of the person. We do that when we are drunk and having fun, in some party, the same thing Americans and Europeans do when they are drunk and having fun…

    Gramarr mistakes, English mistakes… etc. Im Brazilian not American but im sure you guys will understand 🙂

  53. I find this article offensive and i am very sad for seen so many brazilian people thinking that´s a joke.If i were writting about your country with such misinformation,would you like it?i am sure a bunch of american or whatever would attack me with no mercy.That prooves our deep inferior feeling in relation to other countries,very shamefull.

    You call brazilian men macho but what men in the first world is? I have never seen brazilian men being considered sexual tourits,but americans and europeans are.We dont have strip clubs and brothels almost everywhere but America does.We didn´t created this “science” wthat justufy womens subordination called evolutionay pasicology;here we celebrate women´s streight and men don´t shoot us in universities because we are studying there.Now tell,me where is the macho man?

    the rest of the text is so silly that makes me to agree with an american men who wrote that american white women are stupid in general and speak about things they don´t know.

  54. Very difficult to believe that the rest of the world sees us this way, no dance, no samba, and most of the people here hate carnival.

  55. As a brazilian men, I can say it´s a pretty accurate text, but as always, not everything can be true.
    Brazil is too big to choose between just two cities..
    Best beachs are located on the northeast coast, so it´s easier to choose one city up here to love…
    and, not all brazilians enjoy dancing 😛


  56. omg i don’t usually comment on blogs but lol i met this brazilian guy on instagram, it has been only 3 days and he thinks about flying to my country to see me LMAO! 😀 and the article is so damn true! hahah

  57. Hey!!!! I lovedddddd your post! You simply described me. But there is one thing that is wrong! You should’ve written: “7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DATE A BRAZILIAN” instead of never. And I bet you had THE best moments of your life dating brazilian men. We are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks babe 🙂 I sincerely hope we meet someday. You are unbelievably stunning 😉

  58. I’ve always wanted to date a Brazilian guy… that’s my biggest dream! I’m originally from Namibia and hope to make a few friends too

  59. I am married to a Brazilian man… he is also for sale! Lol!!
    This was cute and funny. Although my husband knows not to expect me to cook every meal. It’s all pretty much true… lets not forget the first português words you will learn are along the lines of “chupa hola” and “vai se fuder” and he will not be affectionate during the Palmeiras (or other team) game.

  60. Perhaps you should rephrase your post to “7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DATE ME”?

    1: You don’t like affection and feel the love in the air.
    2: You let men have power over you clothes choices.
    3: You are afraid of women competition (and is probably a jealous person).
    4: You only like to be treated as a special person when it is to last forever.
    5: You haven’t found a Brazilian guy that likes cooking (although there are lots of great cooker men from Brazil).
    6: You only managed to bump into the apes that fight over “Who is best? Rio Vs. Sao Paulo”, probably the same ones that fight over football and politic parties.
    7: You don’t enjoy a bit of dancing, even if sloppy, just for the fun.

    The problem here is fate, yourself and the Brazilian lads you have bumped into so far…

  61. Okay, im brazilian boy and:
    1 – Yes, i may be a little “carinhoso” em publico.
    2 – I do come from a “macho” society but im the complete oposite of that.
    3 – I dont know about that, we do have almost the same number here. at least in 2017.
    4 – The fourth its completely true LOL
    5 – I do not expect any one to cook for me. Imma hell of a cooker, i even give some tips to my mom and grandma.
    6 – I dont see anything wrong about you loving both cities or none of those.
    7 – Yes i do dance a lot, but only when everybody’s dancing too.

    I know i know. Everybody’s different, but, the thing is, you think every american girl will think that about me even after knowing me?

  62. what you’re saying in this article basically is … the Brazilians are cool and too open-minded for you that have your mind closed and are all shy shy and embarrassed! sorry but I did not read any serious reason there, I wanted to laugh sincerely

  63. i dated a Brazilian and man oh man – full of jealousy he watched what I did and cant do things alone – he always had to be with me – couples need breathing room – need space and I did not get it – no trust and totally jealousy and hated when a man even looked at me – I will never date a brazillian again

    anger management too

    • Do ya really think that yr Brazilian’s date are all the same? What u really need is to meet someone smart. I am Brazilian and totally different of yr Brazilian’s date…

    • liz sorry bad you can not stop liking all Brazilians in general because of a jealous guy that neither he or she will be there so badly most people do not care about it, this may be the lack of confidence that he has in himself can cause and there are several personal factors that make it so bad that I know and I do not care for it because I want my space and also respect her and in the post says that we show affection in public I do not like to be more discreet

  64. Well, i must be a freak then, except for the affectionate part, cause that i am. I don’t want anyone cooking for me, or dancing all the time or sexist, but i do look for a foreign girl. I’m actually living in Brasilia and looking for a nice foreigner for myself. Find me at brutaro@gmail.com or social media under “brutaro”

  65. Hi Renita, thank you for enjoyable text ☺️
    I can’t do general comments about Brazil man ofcourse but definitely I can say easily that if you spend time or talk about somethings which could be related with serious or trivial issues with one of them you can’t forget !!! Hahhahaha
    I don’t know why but they have different energy and mind at least those who I have introduced.
    Care yourself☺️

  66. The most beautiful people in Brazil are in the south of Brazil. There are beautiful people there. They search about Blumenau Brazil and a junction of all the countries of Europe and Asia (Japan) in one place.

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