7 reasons why not to wear make-up

Well hello and happy new year all! I hope you’re not still hangover from the big eve and that you started the new year with lots of love. Today I am going to share with you my feelings about not wearing make-up. Because very simple, I’m not wearing any make-up at all anymore. So, let’s talk about our natural faces.


To make-up or not to make-up.

When I was a little girl I found my mom’s lipstick in the bathroom and rubbed it all over my face. Looking like a horrible clown it made my family laugh and I suppose this was my first encounter with make-up. As a teenager I started trying out make-up to make me look prettier. I tried eye-shadow, lots of mascara and even the cremes that are supposed to make that puberty face look more smooth.I remember that when I was 16 one of my friends rang the door in the morning and I didn’t wear any make-up yet. I told her that I must look horrible now without it and perhaps I almost apologized for the natural look. When I think back about this it turns my stomach.


When I was 18 I traveled to Spain to work and this was my chance to go without make-up again, or at least it felt like it because nobody knew me there yet. I didn’t wear make-up for some months, but after one year I started with mascara again. Why? I have the memory of a goldfish, but I think it was because of some “friends” who told me I look tired without it.

When I turned 23 I dropped it again and tried to embrace my natural look. I started not caring about what people said and looking less in the mirror in the beginning helped. The first few weeks I felt I looked like a ghost! Soon after I recognized myself in some photos I saw that I looked just fine without decorating my face and that I should really stay natural.

A baby face is a happy face.

The travels and hippie vibes around me made it easier, that’s for sure! I mean, when you’re in a city there is a lot more society pressure and people have certain criticism that’s hard to go against. “You would look so pretty with some make-up and your eyes would be seen more”, is the typical reaction I got from some girls in town. When I met my boyfriend in 2015 things got even more easy as he didn’t like the idea of me wearing make-up and he tells me he loves my baby face, haha! Now I’m not saying that it’s bad to wear make-up or that you shouldn’t. I’m just explaining my journey back to my natural face.


Why do I not wear make-up anymore?

  1. Natural and real, that’s how I want to feel. I embrace how I look without make-up and feel that I don’t need any cremes or colors to look better.
  2. Any cremes on my skin give me a serious outbreak. My skin needs to breath and so I let it. A happy skin 🙂
  3. Years ago I didn’t like how I looked when I took the make-up off my face and I didn’t feel good about myself. Not wearing make-up at all makes me see a healthy face all the time and I am more happy about my true self 🙂
  4. A lot of make-up is tested on animals and also this is a big No-No for me. I am against those companies that test their products on animals. When I found out that so many make-up products have been tested on animals I looked up if there are some companies that don’t test on animals. You can find the list here: https://www.peta.org/living/beauty/companies-test-on-animals/
  5. Life is so much easier without make-up. Okay, I admit it, it sounds lazy, but I just can’t bother in the mornings to spend time on make-up.
  6. I look younger! Never thought that I would say this, but as I am getting closer and closer to thirty (Please make it stop!) I start enjoying it when I look younger.
  7. I am in the water most of the time for my job as a dive instructor. It just doesn’t make any sense to wear make-up in the water and have my black stuff running down my face. Au-natural for me!

So before I end this piece of writing I hope that I either gave you some inspiration, made you somehow feel a little better or confident about your natural face or that you simply felt entertained by reading this piece of mind.

Now, back to my luggage packing for the Maldives!


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Ever since I left my home country I felt at home at any other place I went to. I enjoy getting to know more cultures by talking to strangers and hearing their philosophy about life. Speaking with gestures when you can not find a shared language, finding places only the locals go to and learn about their customs and values. Hanging out with local people makes me happy. The experience of every new place is a step out of your comfort zone where I like to wander around until it feels like a second home.

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