6 reasons Berlin should be your next city break


Visit to Berlin in 2006 – Reichstag dome

Over the last few years the memories of my visit to Berlin with my dad in 2006 haven’t faded away. The great Pergamon Museum in Berlin is still the coolest museum I’ve ever seen and the city’s history alone makes a visit to Berlin a unique experience. Berlin was and still is a wonderful city trip destination with culture, history and easy access for tourists all over town. Find out more about why you should visit Berlin too through reading Ivy’s guest post.”

–  Renate

6 reasons Berlin should be your next city break

A guest post by Ivy Oliver

Germany’s capital city of Berlin is one of the most pleasant and thriving regions of the European nation. As such, it’s little surprise the city stood out as the top urban destination in the country for 2016 – welcoming as many as 31 million visitors for overnight stays.

Today, let’s run through six of the many reasons why Berlin is definitely somewhere you should consider for your next city break. If you aren’t convinced already, you soon will be.


This rather unique spot encompasses a large barge which has been turned upside down and converted into a makeshift swimming pool for the people of the city to frolic in. It’s a particular point of interest later in the year, when the cold weather sees it closed off with a giant glowing dome roof.

In the evenings the Badeschiff turns into an alfresco nightclub, with saunas also added in the winter to heat people up after a chilly dip. Unsurprisingly, the area is very popular with younger visitors – especially in the summer. 

Photo by H. Füller

Unsicht Bar

This incredible restaurant is unquestionably a spot you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Walk inside and you’ll be greeted with an entirely pitch black room – with it being too dark to see your hand in front of your face.

You’ll be served by a team of blind waiters, who will expertly weave their way through the room to serve you in lightning-fast time. This amazing spot incorporates both a learning curve (giving you the perspective of what it’s like to live as someone without sight), as well as a means of really appreciating the taste and subtle nuances of your food. 

Photo by haso777

Forward thinking

Berlin certainly takes the needs and considerations of minorities and disabled travelers into account. While some cities are prone to ignoring this demographic, the German capital goes out of its way to ensure wheelchair access is provided throughout the city.

Practically every major tourist attraction has disabled access, with staff members at restaurants, hotels and other public industries all being taught how to respectfully deal with tourists who have a medical condition. There’s no fear of being unable to get involved in something just because of a disability.



Bars are a dime a dozen, but the Weinerei in Berlin easily stands out as one of the most unique and interesting concepts when it comes to a drinking establishment. Cost of admission? A single, solitary Euro.

That’s how much you’ll be charged to borrow a glass, with wine provided to you constantly throughout the course of the night – for free. At the end of the evening you can choose how much you want to pay. While it’s heavily implied you should try your best to pay a rough estimate of how much you drank, there’s nothing (other than your conscious) to stop you paying diddly squat. 

Photo by: Jacob Bøtter


The Pergamon Museum was founded in 1910, and plays host to some of the most famous archaeological items known to man. Just some of the famous works of antiquity on display include the likes of the Market Gate of Miletus, the Ishtar Gate and the Mshatta Façade.

Arguably the most important monument though comes in the form of the Pergamon Altar. It was built during the 2nd century BC by the Greek King Eumenes II, and sat atop the acropolis of the city of Pergamon in Asia Minor. The altar is perfectly preserved and stands out as one of the most intact structures of the ancient world.

Photo by J. D. S. G.

Cold War Walking Tour

If you’d like to get involved with some relatively contemporary history (that is to say, within the last century), you’d be wise to book yourself up for the 4-hour walking tour of Cold War sites.

Some of the highlights of the trip include the fallen Berlin Wall, the Palace of Tears and hidden areas of the ominous Death Strip. This one is a real must-do for any culture buffs looking to bask in just some of the history this famous city has to offer.

Have these six reasons for visiting Berlin whet your appetite? If so, make sure to book Berlin as your next city break location. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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