5 reasons to visit a Christmas market


Last weekend was special to me. I visited my close friend Sina who lives in the Southern parts of the Netherlands very close to the German border and unfortunately we don’t get to see each other that often. Basically due to our travel bug! However, when we do find a chance to meet up we always have a splendid day and most of the times we try to go abroad together. This time I visit her at home and we do a little road trip to Aachen for a wonderful German weihnachtsmarkt experience. We walk around at the center of Aachen and see plenty of cute little Christmas stalls where lots of food and drinks are sold and not to forget the creative Christmas gifts of course.


We walk towards the cathedral of Aachen, where my friend recently had a guided tour and explains me some of the city’s history. All the squares and streets around the cathedral are transformed into a Christmas light show with colors and festive sounds.The main thing pointing us to walk straight on, left or right are those seductive smells, which makes us hungry and thirsty every other ten meters. There is a very pleasant atmosphere and we notice plenty of people of all ages walking through these cozy streets near the cathedral.

We notice a large variety of German Printen, which are sweet cookies from Aachen (somewhat similar to gingerbread) mostly in the shape of a heart or a man. Something nice to bring home as a souvenir! I personally think the Glรผhwein is the most typical drink you should try at a Christmas market so you should definitely give yourself this treat and enjoy a cup of Glรผhwein with perhaps Amaretto.





5 Reasons to visit a weihnachtsmarkt:

  1. Try the German Glรผhwein and the typical food like a bratwurst
  2. Do some shopping for Christmas presents
  3. Visit a city in an entirely different ambiance
  4. Have a lovely cozy day with friends or family
  5. Get into the Christmas mood long before its actually Christmas

It really puts you in the x-mas mood while walking those cozy German streets with pretty lights, seductive smells and Christmas music playing through the speakers.

Christmas, I’m now officially ready for you!


Want to bring a visit yourself? The Christmas market in Aachen is open from 21 November till 23 December 2014 from 11.00 a.m. until 9.00 p.m.

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