10 things to do 48 hours prior to your flight

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You are packing your bags to leave for that wonderful voyage you’ve been looking forward to so desperately. You only still need to knock on your neighbors door to ask them to water the plants and fix a ride to the airport. You’ve checked your vaccinations and made sure your passport is still valid. That’s it right?

Nope. Let’s have a look at things you need to do before your flight.

Here is a list of 10 things you need to do 48 hours prior to your flight.

things to do before flight

1. Charge your electronics

Nothing more annoying than leaving for that 12 hour flight with an empty iPhone. Who wants to be stuck without music? Not me! Plus, you might not find a place to charge your camera and such, until you reach the first hotel room. You better make sure everything is fully charged or simply take a mobile charger with you.

2. Photocopy your passport

Imagine your passport gets stolen somewhere, or perhaps you just lose it from one day to another. Having a copy could save the day! It can also come in handy in case people are asking for your passport, like in the hotels or even with the police, to just give them a copy instead of the original one. An electronic copy or just a photo on your mobile phone will be great too.

3. Get someone to take care of your post

If you’re still receiving letters and haven’t been able to get it all via e-mail, then make sure there’s someone to take care of your mailbox at home. You can also inform the local post office to forward everything to another address. Someone can receive all of your correspondence and mail it to you by scanning it.

4. Predict the weather

The weather is not easy to predict, but it’s smart to check the weather predictions one day before departing. You might want to bring an extra sweater or leave home those warm jeans you were planning to bring. Maybe it will make you bring that rain-poncho you were going to leave behind.

5. Cancel subscriptions

Do you wish to continue paying for your phone bill if you’re leaving the country for a few months of backpacking? What about the Spotify fee you’re paying that automatically renews itself? Even a gym membership or magazine subscriptions can be worth cancelling.

You might not have them anymore, but if you still make use of the local library or DVD rental, bring back the books and discs before you leave. Do they actually even still exist? Otherwise the point is to bring back the things you borrowed to the people it belongs to. Like your friends πŸ™‚

6. Luggage check

While it’s best to pack everything in advance you might be one of those travelers who does it all one day before departing. Make sure the weight of your luggage is not exceeding the luggage restrictions of the airline. Some airlines allow up to 15kg, some up to 32kg. It depends, but better safe than sorry. It will cost you to make up for the extra kilos upon the airport check-in.

7. Fix the first night’s sleep

Leaving without a plan? Make sure you’ve at least got the first night organized, so you don’t have to pass by 10 different ho(s)tels upon arrival.

Make sure you know how to get to your accommodation from the airport and till what time their reception is open. Print out a map or make a print screen of it on your phone.

Recommended websites to organize your stay are airbnb.com, hostelworld.com and booking.com.

8. Download your shit

While you’re still at home with a reliable Wi-Fi connection download the movies, songs, series, travel apps, e-books or whatever other items you want to have on your devices. Despite the fact that we are living in a very high tech time you still might find yourself bored without Wi-Fi in other countries, so start downloading.

Loading your smartphone’s Google Maps with the city you’re staying at might also be a wise plan. It will allow you to guide yourself to walk through the right streets upon arrival and find your ho(s)tel straight away. Just make sure not to close the app before you intend you use it offline.

9. Check-in

Check the airline you’re flying with and if you can already check-in online. It will most likely get you a better seat then showing up on the airport for the check-in and most importantly; you’re seat is secured. It still happens that airline overbook their passengers and if you’re the last to check-in you can’t get on the flight.

Some hostels or vacation houses also ask for a confirmation a day before arrival. Make sure everything is confirmed!

10. Say goodbye

Don’t forget to visit your friends and loved ones to let them know you’re leaving. Saying goodbye might be the most important thing on this list. Some people find it hard to do so, but it is important to the people you leave behind.

Let them know when you’ll be back. Give them a big hug as who knows how long you might end up extending your stay abroad!

things to do before flight

Overlooking Buenos Aires by sunset

Have an amazing trip!

Is there anything else you would like to add to this list? Please write about it in the comments below!

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